The Best Barbells of 2020 – Which Should You Have?

A barbell is the gym equipment that connects the weightlifter to the weight they intend to lift. Therefore choosing the right and Best Barbell can immensely add to your weight training, while the wrong selection can prove to be a total waste of time and money. Anyone serious about their strength training must invest in good quality barbells for their home gym, as well as good quality footwear. Getting a good grip on the ground with a pair of or other kinds is also important. Keep in mind that the typical exercises that you perform with barbells are very effective when compared to some other strength training. It supports you in developing functional strength and enhances your endurance related to activities in day to day life like carrying objects and lifting weights.

Best Exercises to Do With a Barbell

There are different types of exercises that you can perform with a barbell. They can include:

  • Bench Press
  • Bent-Over Row
  • Deadlift
  • Back Squat
  • Overhead Press
  • Power Clean
  • Lunge
  • And More

The great thing about barbells is that you focus mainly on compound exercises, which significantly increase your today muscle mass a lot more than split routines. However, we will presume that you know these, and we will go into which are the best that you can buy at the moment, along with the considerations.

What To Look For In A Barbell

There are many factors which you need to keep in mind while making the selection of a barbell. They include:

  • Length. – The length of the barbell must be sufficient for you and your training needs. It must not be too long for the space you are using it in, or too short for your build or the weights you plan to use.
  • Width. – You need to make the selection between Olympic 2 inches and standard 1-inch sleeves (where the weights go).
  • Weight Limits. – You also need to know that the weight-bearing capacity of the barbell suits the weight limit that you usually lift at your home gym
  • Material. – Iron and steel are the two standard options to choose from. Most of the manufacturers use either iron or steel to design the barbell. Ideally, you will use a decent brand, too. Thus avoiding injuries and inferior quality barbell materials.

Best Sarbell Of 2020

Length Considerations

A typical 7-foot barbell ranges in 51 inches to 52 inches in length between the shoulders and inside collars. The available sleeves would be 16 inches, and you need to add a few inches for shoulders, and you get about 86 inches or 7 feet.

That is the general length of the barbell that you must consider to get most out of your exercises at your home gym, including deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. For landmine exercises also a 7-foot barbell is best. But beginners may find a 6-foot barbell more suitable until they get to the weight that requires a more extended bar for weight plates.

Types of Barbell Collars

Barbell collars are very crucial for effective, safe, and secured weightlifting. They are small cylindrical clamps that attach to barbells to secure the weight plates. There are spring-type clip collars and snap-lock collars.

The spring type collars are the popular type that comes with two large handles that squeeze to lock and open a circle attached at the edge of the handles. You will commonly find this type of collars at the gym. Snap lock collars are different as they don’t have handles. It looks like a small ring that locks with a tab on the top by a snap. The choice of the collar is a complete preference, providing that you have a high-quality one. Please do not ever buy cheap barbells or collars; they could be very dangerous.

What Is The Best Barbell For You?

Now that we have been through some of the primary considerations that you need to think about, we will go through, which are the best barbells that you can buy.

Best Barbell for Home Gym – CAP Barbell

CAP Barbell is the standard 60 inches solid threaded barbell suitable for your home gym. It is made out of solid stainless steel that has a chrome finish and threaded ends. It comes with a standard bar length of 60 inches and a diameter of 1 inch. It includes spinlock collars that have a handle diameter of 2.68 inches to allow for a better grip and higher torque. This barbell set comes with a weight limit of 250lbs and, therefore, you can use it at your home gym to perform most of the exercises that you may want to do.

You will need to use weight plates with a 1-inch diameter hole in them; otherwise, the plates will not stay solid while you are using it.

This barbell features a medium depth diamond non-slip knurling grip for highest safety, and that allows you to perform all barbell exercises safely without worries of it slipping. The barbell also includes collars with rubber rings that ensure the plates will be and stay secure while exercising. The total weight of the barbell is 12.75 pounds, so it is not an Olympic weight. That is something that you will need to remember if you use this bar, as some of the others are more of a manageable weight to remember.

The 60 inches length of the barbell is standard, so it makes the perfect companion for your home gym, and you can pair it with a standard weight bench.


  • Robust and solid construction
  • Medium depth diamond knurling for safety
  • Compact size and suitable for limited space gym
  • Spinlock collars included with rubber rings


  • Not for pro weightlifters
  • Limited weight-bearing capacity

Final Thoughts

This product is the best barbell that you can buy for your home gym with limited space. The manufacturer is the pioneer in the fitness industry, and this ensures the quality of the product. It comes with all safety features and keeps the weights in place as it features spinlock collars with rubber rings.

Moreover, the barbell is solid steel with a chrome finish. If you are on a budget for both money and space, then this is the bar that you want to buy. If you have a little bit more of each of those things, then you may want to continue down the selections.

Best Barbell For Powerlifting – Popsport Strongman Log Bar

If you are looking for a durable and sturdy barbell for powerlifting, then Popsport Strongman Log Bar is the best choice indeed. This log press bar is of steel construction that ensures higher stability and durable, and it has a premium finishing that can protect the bar from corrosion, rusting, and abrasion. The barbell is designed with welded end caps, handles, and a fully welded body. Its solid construction can take your workouts to another level. This steel barbell comes with a weight capacity of 317KG or 700LBS, making it the absolute best choice for powerlifting. Its ergonomic neutral handle design with a length of 7.8 inches and handle diameter of 1.2 inches reduce the stress level on shoulders and enable the powerlifters to control the log bar efficiently.

This barbell for powerlifting is designed for Olympic size weight plates and also works with or without plates. This barbell is perfect for powerlifting, weight lifting, and many other barbell exercises. The compact size of the barbell makes it the ideal mate for a home gym, weight room, or office. If you are into strongman, and already have a standard barbell, this will be the perfect addition to your equipment.

It also comes in a variety of diameters (8, 10, and 12 inches) to allow different movements of the arms and shoulders.


  • High-quality materials
  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable neutral handle
  • Fits Olympic plates
  • Can be used with and without plates


  • Not for beginner level weight lifters

Final Thoughts

Popsport Strongman Log Bar is the powerlifting barbell that is suitable for all types of fitness exercises. The barbell has wide applications and comes with solid construction with premium finishes.

Furthermore, it has a pretty high weight capacity of 700lbs, and this makes it the best choice for powerlifting. It can also be used for cross-fit training and strength training. The barbell features comfortable neutral handles and fits Olympic plates easily.

The barbell is standard in length and features 2″ spring lock collars to keep the plates secured while performing your exercises.

Best CrossFit Barbell – Synergee Regional Olympic

Ergonomic design, impressive performance, and versatile, Synergee Regional Olympic is the best CrossFit Barbell designed with higher-grade steel that offers the barbell a tensile strength rating of 190,000 psi. This barbell is designed to bear a weight capacity of 1500lbs, and you can make use of it for a variety of workouts regardless of the weight. There is a variety of options available in this set, and it ranges from a 15kg bar, 20kg bar, up to a 260lb set with a 20kg bar. That means that no matter your fitness level or personal requirements, you can choose the right kit for you.

Furthermore, it features a five-needle bearing per sleeve that gives smooth and reliable spin for each rep.

This CrossFit barbell is no-nonsense equipment; it is the get-er-done type of barbell that is incredible for your home and commercial gyms. It has the best loadable sleeve length of 13 inches, while the diameter of the barbell is 25mm that is suitable for all Olympic plates. Since it is the CrossFit barbell, it has the best shaft length of 52 inches, and the total bar length is 79.13 inches. It is one bar fits all, you will not be disappointed.


  • Sleek finish and ergonomic design
  • Solid construction with quality grade steel
  • Five-needle bearing per sleeve
  • Comes with standard knurl
  • 15KG or 20KG options


  • More expensive than some, but worth it

Final Thoughts

This CrossFit barbell is designed with high-quality steel, and this helps in giving the bar the best tensile strength. You can rest assured with this barbell as it is undoubtedly one of the best barbells you will ever find. It has a huge weight capacity of 1500lbs that makes it the best choice for CrossFit or any other type of training. This barbell comes with the perfect amount of non-slip grip and has five-needle bearings per sleeve. So, bring home this barbell and enjoy CrossFit training effortlessly (well, not entirely), at your home gym.

Best Budget Barbell – CAP Barbell 100-Pound Weight Set

Building a home gym is not affordable as there are lots of equipment that you need to buy to make it into a useable place to work out. So, in such a situation, you must look for the best and affordable barbell, and the CAP Barbell 100-pound weight set is the ideal choice for beginners on a budget. This barbell set includes six 10-pound and six 5-pound cast iron grip plates, which you can use for a variety of different training routines. The barbell features two spinlock collars that ensure to keep the weight plates secured on the barbell while exercising.

This budget barbell comes with a 3-piece barbell design and constructed with industrial-grade steel and finished with chrome. The total length of the barbell is 59 inches, which is a standard size for a barbell, and it features threaded ends with knurling for non-slip gripping. Any standard weight plates with a 1-inch center hole can be accommodated. However, this bar needs a bit of assembly before using it. This barbell set is 100 pounds only, so ensure that it is enough for your needs before buying it.

It is not the same standard as some of the other bars that we have featured in this article, but what do you want for this price? If you are starting your home gym and you have a tight budget, this will undoubtedly help a lot. Furthermore, when you have the money, you can always upgrade the bar. The weight plates are worth the money on their own.


  • Cast iron grip plates
  • Suits all standard weight plates with a 1-inch center hole
  • Two spinlock collars


  • Assembly of the bar is needed before using it

Final Thoughts

CAP Barbell 100-Pound weight set is the best budget barbell that comes with grip plates to accommodate the standard barbells. It has the standard 1-inch diameter sleeves, and hence it can accommodate the standard weight plates with a 1-inch center hole. This barbell comes with two spinlock collars that secure the weight plates when exercising, and therefore it prevents injuries. This barbell has a solid construction, and it is made out of steel with chrome finish.

The dimension of the barbell is standard, and it comes with 30 days manufacturer warranty, and this ensures the highest quality of the barbell.


So, these were some of the Best Barbell design and models which are worth considering today. However, depending upon your workouts and gym size, you need to make the right selection of barbells for your requirements. Some barbells are suitable for CrossFit training and powerlifting, while there are also barbell designs which are only for general barbell exercises and strength training.

If you were to ask me which I would prefer if I were only to have one, the answer would have to be the Synergee. There is no question about it. I would pay the extra to know that I am getting the highest quality, with a weight set (260lb) that would last me for as long as I could ever use it. Furthermore, the 2″ diameter weights are often higher quality than the 1″ (there is nothing wrong with the 1″, by the way, I just like the rubberized plates that you can get for the 2″).

As the Synergee is a specific CrossFit bar, you can be confident that it would take the beating that you may want to throw at it.

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