Man Cave Ideas: Everything You Should Know

Every man deserves the luxury of having a man cave. A man cave provides some form of personal sanctuary where you have all the freedom to indulge in your hobbies and hang out with your fellow guys without leaving your home.

It gives you a personal space where are you can spend your me-time away from the rest of the family. One of the most interesting things about having a man cave is that, unlike the main house, this is where you have complete control over your choice of decor and other aesthetic factors.

The lady of the house has no control over how you decorate your man cave.

Why Do You Need A Man Cave?

A man cave provides an exclusive space where you have the freedom to express your true self. It’s a guys-only space where you can enjoy football and other sports on TV, indulge in a relaxing pool game, or just sit back and meditate in a peaceful and quiet environment without leaving home.

Here are a few more benefits of having a man cave:

It’s a Quiet Peaceful Place to Unwind After a Hard Day at Work

When the long working day is over, every man desires to have a comfortable place to retreat and unwind with a drink while lounging on a comfortable sofa.

This form of privacy is one of the reasons why most men need a man cave. Spending an hour de-stressing in your private place relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your energy.

Want to make your man cave even more private? If your man cave is located in your backyard then investing in outdoor privacy panels is a great way to shield your space from prying eyes.

Furthermore, if you work from home, you can even use your privacy screen to work in your backyard, weather permitting of course! You can learn more about some of the benefits of outdoor privacy screens here:

A Place to Display Your Favorite Items and Memorabilia

Not all men have the freedom to display deer antlers, beer signs, huge sports team logos, and other things that women consider ugly on their living room walls.

Men have a wide range of collections that women don’t really agree with and wouldn’t want to have the items displayed on the walls of their neat living rooms.

Fortunately, a man cave gives you all the freedom you need to display your favorite items and memorabilia on walls, stands, and anywhere else you would want to place them. A man cave is a perfect place to display your wild decor items without offending your significant other.

The Perfect Game Room or Venue for Your Small Parties

A man cave can also be beneficial to other members of the household. It provides extra space to host a party or entertain a large number of guests, especially when you don’t want everybody crammed in the living room and kitchen.

Modern man caves feature exquisite furniture and other decorative items needed to create a perfect game room that can even be used to entertain guests. The man cave doesn’t have to look grungy with plastic chairs strewn all over.

In fact, a recent article on the New York Times stated that a well-designed man cave adds value to your home.

When designing your man cave, think of creating a lively but private masculine retreat where everyone can have a good time. It is almost like creating your own game room, theatre room, or even a basement bar.

What is the Perfect Location for Your Man Cave?

When it comes to the location of your man cave, it all depends on how much extra space you have in your house. In most cases, the basement is an ideal location for a man cave.

The basement can be a cozy and private location for your man cave if refurbished properly. For those who don’t have a basement in their homes or in cases where the basement is used for another purpose, you can always repurpose your garage, an unused bedroom in a secluded part of the house, you could even look at these sheds in Georgia or elsewhere and transform it into a perfect man cave.

If space is an issue, there are many man cave ideas that you can clone to make the most out of the available space. Keep in mind that your goal is to create a private and personal space for yourself and your friends.

Essential Items to Have in Your Man Cave

Here are some of the essential items required to create the perfect man cave:

Private Bar and Fridge

One of the reasons why you need a man cave is to avoid walking upstairs all the way to the kitchen to grab a cold beer or beverage from the refrigerator.

The best way to avoid this tedious task, at least for a man who is in a relaxing mood, is to have your own bar or fridge conveniently located inside the man cave.

The bar and fridge will be quite helpful when your guys drop by and even when you host parties or family gatherings in your shiny and attractive man cave. A full bar is highly recommended but if space is a concern you can always return a large fridge.

Manly Bar Stools

A man cave also plays the role of showcasing your unique style and taste in life. You want your friends to find a manly environment in your man cave, which is why it is a good idea to have bar stools. Bars are recognized as masculine places and one of the most common features in every bar is bar stools.

So, why not add a few parcels to your man cave? They will not only enhance the masculine look of the place but also provide extra seating space for your gang. In fact, a law should be passed requiring every man cave worth its name to have at least three bar stools.

There are numerous designs of bar stools to choose from but find one that suits your needs and budget. Just make sure to have a few in your man cave.


A man cave is not a man cave without a TV. A majority of people boast of having a man cave where they can watch all types of sports on TV including Sunday football and the Super Bowl with all the freedom they need to cheer on their teams.

If you are designing a unique spacious man cave, you should definitely plan for a large flat-screen TV where you can watch sports with your buddies or entertaining movies with your family.

Get the best TV possible because after all your man cave is also a place to showcase your superior taste in the finer things of life.

Pool Table

It’s not just enough to have a TV in your man cave. You need more entertainment features. One of the most common features found in most man caves is definitely the pool table.

Man caves have had pool tables since they were invented. Back in the days, the pool table was only used to play the traditional 8 ball game but things are so advanced today that most man caves now feature unique and extravagant pool table designs.

Poker Tables or Dartboard

While still on the topic of entertainment, we highly recommend having more entertainment options including poker tables and dartboards. These two items are quite handy when you plan to host a party or get together in your man cave. However, if you are going to have a poker table, you need to know how to play properly! Thankfully, there are plenty of online sites, like this one here, that are available so the game can be learned from the comfort of the man cave and you don’t have to go to a physical casino.

They help to keep your guests entertained and occupied whether you are around or not. The rest of your family will also enjoy playing a game of cards on an official poker table. If you’re missing out on the poker action around your table with family and friends – perhaps you’ve had to go away for some purpose – online casino games can be found here, including poker, roulette, slot machines, and a whole host of other entertaining things for you to try your hand at from your mobile!

Comfortable Recliner

A recliner is a must-have item in every man cave, just like the TV. Well, we must admit that not all men enjoy sports or TV and since a man cave is also a place of relaxation, it should have a recliner as an essential item.

Keep in mind that you can also use your man cave to complete the work you’ve carried home and what a better place to do it than from than a comfortable recliner.

Chances are that the quiet and peaceful atmosphere in your man cave can easily lead you to a deep slumber and if this happens the last thing you need is to wake up with a cramped neck. Every man cave needs a recliner.

A Display of Your Personal Achievements

The man cave is your private territory and the best way to mark this territory is by giving the space a personal touch to ensure that anyone who enters has no doubt about the owner of the place. It is your private room where you have the freedom to display your past feats and achievements.

So if you have photos of the biggest fish you caught in your last fishing trip or a trophy won in your country clubs golf tournament, you can highlight your accomplishments by showing off your photos and trophies in your man cave.

You have the freedom to at least shine a light on your achievements in a room that you control.

Extra Seating

The man cave is designed to be shared with friends so it makes sense to have extra seating available at all times.

A good approach is to have a home theatre-like seating where your crowd will enjoy lounging around. If space is a problem, a single large couch will always do.

Most guys love leather recliners with cup holders where you can place your phone as you enjoy the activities taking place inside the man cave with a drink in hand. Get extra seating to ensure that your boys don’t feel cramped inside your tiny man cave.

Sports Teams and Movie Posters

Another common feature in most man caves is wall posters of the owner’s favorite sports teams and movie stars.

Add a personal touch to your man cave with your favorite posters, whether they are from movies, sports, or even wildlife. You could even display one of those rare large antique world maps for a more dramatic effect.

So, if your 1992 Dream Team poster is considered out of place in the living room, get a nice place for it in your man cave.

What Are the Ideal Colors for a Man Cave?

One thing we’ve noticed is that the current paint color trends have no effect on the shades most men choose for their man caves. This is mainly because today’s interior color palettes give you a wide range of options for the perfect dark shades for your man cave.

However, if you’re still undecided on the best choice of color to paint your man cave, check out some of these suggestions:

Slate Gray

Slate gray is quite popular thanks to its soft vintage style that works perfectly for every type of man cave.

Its muted undertones make it perfect for man caves used for different purposes such as a home office, library, or an entertaining venue. Look for a warmer shade to create a soothing calm ambiance in your man cave.

Navy Blue

Navy is a dark hue synonymous with boys and men. It’s an energetic color that gives your man cave a masculine personality.

It also provides a perfect backdrop for all types of styles and can either be painted on an accent wall or on the entire room. Navy is also available in several variations including azure, cobalt, midnight blue, Persian blue, denim, and Oxford blue among others.


No man cave is ever complete without black color somewhere in the entire décor. Black is elegant, extravagant, mysterious, and chic at the same time.

It’s also the right shade when you want to create striking contrasts with other lighter shades. Best of all, black matches perfectly with most of the interior items and accessories found in most man caves.

Dark Green

Dark green is a perfect choice for the man who wants to bring in the appeal of green outdoors to his man cave. It’s a dark shade of green that sets the right mood for relaxation.

It’s known to counteract the negative effects of any stressful day. Dark green also blends perfectly with natural elements in your man cave such as wood ceiling and stone fireplace.

Other colors worth checking when you plan to repaint your man cave include masculine but soft tones such as deep burgundy and chocolate brown.

Room Ideas

How do you breathe life into your man cave? You do it by being creative and as unique as you can. The starting point should be the overall theme of the room. The theme you choose will largely depend on your favorite activities and hobbies.

For example, some people create airplane cockpits, submarines, or music and movie regalia in their man caves to exhibit their hobbies or favorite activities. Your goal is to create a theme that makes you feel at home with the things you love.

Once you have chosen your main theme, try as much as possible to ensure that everything in your man cave aligns with that theme. The goal is to project and manifest your unique personality so go as bold as you can when decorating your man cave.

There are of course endless options when it comes to man cave ideas but here a few wall textures and overall décor suggestions to get you started.

Overall Décor and Wall Textures

The most effective way of giving your man cave character is through its walls. Choose a fun color to paint your walls and then cover them in wood or stone.

Alternatively, you can cover the walls with posters, artwork, or collectibles. A good example is giving your walls earth tones that create a warm and comfortable feel inside the man cave.

Wood Features

You can even turn a barn into a perfect man cave. The wooden walls, floor, and ceiling feel really inviting and adventurous. You can even leave some sections of the wooden walls bare to make your unique barn man cave stand out.

If you have a basement man cave, you can still cover the walls with wooden pallets to make them more unique and welcoming. It’s quite easy to stain the wooden pallets to create a clean rustic man cave style.

Textured or Patterned Wallpaper

Are you looking for the perfect design solution for your man cave walls? Think of textured or patterned wallpaper.

This type of wallpaper gives some form of masculine character to your spaces, whether in a man cave or home office. You can also add a few golden accents or make the walls black to achieve an elegant vibe.


Shelves are quite useful in displaying your collections and other memorabilia. Use shelves to create more storage space while displaying your favorite items.

Make sure the shelves are firm to hold your precious stuff securely while still looking great to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your man cave. Shelves also help to keep things organized and avoid clutter.


Man caves come in all sizes, shapes, and designs. They can be built on garages, basements, or even behind a secret passageway such as behind a bookcase.

The most important thing to remember is that the man cave is your private space where you have the freedom to bring your creative design ideas to life, no matter how unconventional they may be.

So, go ahead and decorate your man cave’s walls however you like. You can even display trophies on the walls if you love hunting or posters of your favorite sports team. The most important thing is to be creative and check other designs to get inspired.


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