Best Shuffleboard Table

When you were growing up, you likely build a lot of fond memories with your friends and family around the gaming table. Those days were great, as it was a bonding moment.

I remember the countless hours competing with one another, having light-hearted bets and playful jargon. It took our minds off life daily stressors and set us free within the moment.

Eventually, time passes, and life started to take over. You ultimately forget about those old days.

But hope is not lost!

Today, I will be giving you a comprehensive guide on how to buy a shuffleboard table to help rekindle your nostalgia and enjoy your favorite pastimes. We will be detailing each table, along with their pros and cons. We will also cover all of the most important aspects of what separates good models from their worse-off counterparts and go through the fundamental questions you should ask yourself while picking out the best possible model.

How To Buy The Best Shuffleboard Table

Before diving into the critical details of how to buy the best shuffleboard tables, you should understand the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each game table. If you try to slide a shuffleboard puck across your kitchen table, it likely won’t reach the same length or distance that it would on most proper shuffleboard tables. Knowing the inner workings that go into shuffleboard tables can easily be the deciding factor behind which table to buy.

Craftsmanship And How It Affects Gameplay

At first glance, shuffleboard tables look rather simple with their shiny wood, sleek, and laminate design. The board’s surface is often made from a beautiful hardwood and butcher block, coated with thin and transparent glossy layers, giving it a clear finishing coat. And it is this exact polished surface that allows the puck to glide across the table with ease.

The surface will often rest on top of a plywood interior and feature a rich, deeply colored hardwood on the exterior of the frame. The table legs are usually metal, housed underneath the wood to maintain its luxurious and sophisticated design. However there are other options like pedestal legs and some that come made out of concrete, plastic and a wide array of other materials. The feet are often adjustable, allowing you to change the height and level your table for proper gameplay.

Similar to other gaming tables, it’s frustrating to play on an uneven surface. To prevent any unwanted mishaps and crazy ricochet pucks, the inside walls of a table will usually include carpeting to soften the impact of pucks.

All in all, everything I’ve mentioned should give you an immediate idea of how heavy shuffleboard tables are. Before installing one, it might be a good idea to invite your friends over for a few drinks in an effort to entice them to help you lift and install this bulky table. But once the hard work is all wrapped up, you all can enjoy a game of Knock-Off.

What Comes With Most Shuffleboard Tables?

Almost every table out there will come with the same three items essential to gameplay. When you open up your shuffleboards packaging, it should include four pucks in two different colors alongside two manual scoring sliders, or an electronic scoring system. Keep in mind; an electronic scoring system with LED lighting throughout the table can liven up your gaming area at night. Lastly, there should always be an instruction manual or rule book detailing exactly how to play shuffleboard.

If you’re lucky, you might even receive some bonus items such as a small hardwood bowling pins, or some physical hardware to add a new degree of challenge to your game. The variety is up to you and can prove to be an incredibly fun way to get the most out of your shuffleboard tables.

Unfortunately, the wax you need to maintain your table might be sold separately. Which brings us to our next topic, how does one actually maintain shuffleboard tables?

How To Maintain Your Shuffleboard Tables

Shuffleboard tables require good deal of regular maintenance to provide the best gameplay experience. Although it might sound a little complicated at first, trust me when I say that it is easy to manage with a few affordable products and general tips alongside a little bit of regular effort.

The maintenance involved in owning shuffleboard tables is purely preventative. It allows you to get the most use out of your table without having to fork out cash for repairs as the years go on.

To get yourself started, you need to clean your table, which is best done with vinegar diluted in water. For a little extra effect in your cleaning, you might want to add a few drops of olive oil or wood polish to maintain the hardwood.

As you play on the shuffleboard, the thickness of the surface will eventually wear out, leaving it exposed to get dented or dinged. Even the tiniest divot missing from your playing field can ruin the glide of your puck. Applying a thick table wax for shuffleboards will help keep it in top condition at all times. You can also use a silicone spray along with the wax to maximize the quality of the surface. Just spray a little silicone back and forth across the table length-wise before waxing, and you should be good to go.

Maintaining shuffleboard tables only takes a few minutes of your time, and while it might seem a little tedious to go through all the extra hoops once in a while – it’ll save you a lot of money and headache in the long run.

What Should I Look For In A Shuffleboard Table?


The material-composition is a significant factor when choosing the best shuffleboard to buy. Since these boards are made from wood, the harder it is, the more durable it will be for long-term use. Each piece is laminated together during its construction and generally features a composite layering of other supportive materials, which enhances strength and durability.

If your budget is strict, try to avoid hardwood such as Maple, Oak, Mahogany, or Birch. Try to choose an alternative such as soft maple, Canadian maple, or Russian Birch. When finished with polymer, either of the above options become a very economically-practical solution.

A low-quality wood-like Robert Wood, Poplar, and China Birch are prone to warping due to changes in the environment during different seasons. So try to avoid them route as much as possible.


Good shuffleboard tables should naturally have a slight downward curve. The curvature of your playing surface should slightly concave inwards to prevent your puck from sliding off the sides of the board.

Remember, lower quality woods will warp in different weather conditions. To prevent warping, check if the shuffleboard comes with a bar attached to the bottom side of the table called a climatic adjuster. A climatic adjuster is quite easy-to-use; if the table is too concave, loosen the nuts on the side of the bar on the adjuster. If it is convex, tighten them to the desired level of tension.

When you look at the underside of a professional table, it might have up to 6 climatic adjusters running across the bottom to guarantee a perfectly shaped playing surface.

The 5 Best Shuffleboard Tables Of 2020

1. Harvil Shuffleboard Table

The Harvil brand shuffleboard tables are generally surprisingly fantastic given their low price. You wouldn’t typically expect the kind of quality and playability that you’ll see with this table out of something on the lower end of the spectrum. Overtop of the playing field is a beautiful maple veneer and polymer coating; with a little bit of wax and silicone spray, I’m certain that this tabletop will last you quite a while.

The use of a vertical stave style of veneer also keeps your pucks flying in the correct motion, just a you’d expect them to move on an expensive hardwood playing surface. And it protects the edges of the surface from damage.

This table comes with two abacus counters for your scoring system, a brush, a can of wax, and eight chrome-finished pucks. The table has a modest built-in storage cabinet, making it easier to keep the table neat and tidy. The cupboard provides enough space that you can keep all of your shuffleboard accessories tucked away and out of sight.

Considering this table is made out of lighter materials, you won’t have to worry about it falling apart. This table uses three incredibly durable legs that you can rely on to support your gaming. It weighs 330lb, which should be enough to prevent any wobbling or tilting.

Overall the Harvil 12 ft shuffleboard table is ideal for a beginner shuffleboard enthusiast.


  • Affordable Model – This table is an entry-level model but yields the quality and playability of something in a higher price range.


  • Wears out quickly – This is a budget model for a reason, although it will last you a couple of years,  it will eventually wear down quickly.

2. Carmelli Dark Cherry 9 Foot Shuffleboard Table

The most common reason people don’t invest in a game table is due to its large size, demanding a dedicated room or a separate space. However, the Carmelli Dark Cherry 9 is the perfect shape and size for an apartment or an area that doesn’t have much room. And if you drop by the local pub, you’ll most likely see this kind of board hanging around.

It comes with a vibrant dark cherry design and a solid hardwood butcher block that comes treated with a stunning polyurethane finish. Despite being at shorter length table, the storage cabinet isn’t what you would expect. It provides enough space to store your wax, pucks, and practically any other accessories that might come to mind, and there will still be some extra room.

Carmelli 9 has a graceful set of bronze-plated legs, giving off a hint of luxury. Considering the higher quality materials that were packed into the design, you’d expect a heavyweight table. Surprisingly enough, it only weighs 220lb, which makes it easy to both assemble and move back and forth down the line.

With this shuffle board table, you also don’t have to worry too much about warping. In humid or arid room climates, all you have to do is turn a couple of nuts on the climatic adjuster on the bottom of the table and you will have a perfectly leveled table in a matter of minutes.

Because of its size and shape, it is one of the best shuffleboards to play on with your friends and family. All in all, it’s a pretty darn awesome table for space-constrained beginners and hobbyists in my opinion.


  • Excellent Size – The compact size and build of the table make it a super practical addition to any room.
  • Lightweight – 220lbs is hardly problematic and makes this shuffleboard table a little bit more portable than some of its more massive counterparts.


  • Difficult Setup – Although this is a lighter table, you will still need two to three people to set it up and flip it before you can start enjoying some gameplay.

3. Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft certainly delivers quality on a budget and is the most common brand of shuffleboard tables that you would find in public play-halls.

Their butcher block is designed to look like it uses multiple layers of wood. However, it’s actually mostly built with plywood and composite material layers, which mimics the looks of real hardwood. The playing surface is coated with a whopping ten coats of polyurethane, creating an incredibly thick and glossy surface that won’t wear out anytime soon.

This table features a well-appointed black espresso color on the outer paneling and antique brass feet. Between the three sets of legs, there is a leveler at the bottom, which makes it incredibly easy to adjust over uneven surfaces like a carpet or a slanted room. The center leg also comes equipped with a storage cabinet with enough space to stash away anything essential to the table.

The setup is incredibly easy overall, albeit it will still take several people to construct and erect. After unpacking this table, you’ll quickly realize that it comes with all of your standard shuffleboard accessories. And I mean literally everything –  including the pucks, a brush, and some wax, will be found with the original packaging alongside a detailed instruction manual that covers the basics of setting it up and keeping it in good working order.

The only downside that I personally had a bit of a gripe with is the lack of a climatic adjuster. Let’s face it plywood and composite both warp over time, and unfortunately this table features little to nothing to counteract this. However, given it’s price tag this is not really out of the ordinary.

All in all, it’s a pretty good choice if you need an entry-level table, or something to put to use in a hobby shop or a play-hall.


  • 6″ Gutter – The 6-inch gutters give your pucks enough room to fall without hitting the sides and bouncing off naturally.
  • Nice Design – The black color goes with everything; the style of the table is incredibly easy on the eyes and makes a great aesthetic addition to practically any room.


  • Massive Size  – A14-foot table might be challenging to fit in without a large dedicated space space that you can set aside exclusively for this table.
  • Warping and Bubbling – Unfortunately, the Woodbridge doesn’t come with a climatic adjuster, and compensating for warping is a difficult task. Too much moisture without maintenance might cause bubbling under the finish of the playing surface.

4. Barrington Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table

Barrington is a flexible brand with quite a few style and size offerings, each having its own name that reflects its diversity of material used to build it. This particular table is designed to mimic modern concrete when it comes to the design of its legs, and industrial plywood for the playing surface. This is exactly what gives off the “urban” look which grants this table its name.

If you are looking for a fresh and unique looking shuffleboard table to add to your man cave, this just might be the table for you!

Barrington has a distinct focus on making functional products that look good. They crafted the table to have furniture-style wood, topped with a realistic-looking birch veneer. Instead of using your typical polyurethane coating on the playboard, Barrington uses a highly durable UV coating that will last an incredibly long time.

The thick layer certainly reduces the amount of maintenance and effort spent to play a good game of shuffleboard. The faux concrete provides additional weight stability to the urban table, so bumping into it and accidentally giving it a shake shouldn’t be an issue.

With the package it’s shipped in, you can expect the standard pack of pucks, wax, brush, and instruction manual that will walk you through the setup and the basic steps involved with taking care of your table.


  • Incredibly Low Price – The Barrington’s price is so incredibly low that you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.
  • Small Size – Nine feet (otherwise known as 108”)  is a comfortable size that can fit in practically any space from an apartment to a full-fledged game room.
  • Urban Design – The “Urban” design almost makes the board feel like a decorative piece of furniture and adds a nice aesthetic to any interior décor.


  • No Climatic Adjuster – Although there’s an adjustment bracket at the mid-section of the table, it doesn’t always keep the playing field level. I recommend buying additional adjustment brackets to keep your table in good shape.

5. Barrington FT Webster Shuffleboard Table

The Webster is by far the most elegant design I’ve had the pleasure of laying my eyes on, at least out of all of the tables that made it onto my list. The dark hardwood finish provides you with a nostalgic, old-world feel. The wooden Abacus scorers are even lovely to look at and conveniently placed on either end of the table.

The legs and the top panels are composed of solid wood, creating an incredibly supportive and sturdy design. Hidden in each leg is a spacious storage cabinet. You could potentially use one to store your board supplies and the other to store the ingredients and glasses for your favorite cocktails, or even the maintenance supplies – they’re spacious enough to handle whatever you throw at them. Plus, the fabric lining around the edges is perfect for quieter gameplay, especially during a late-night game with your friends.

For this model, Barrington used another incredibly thick UV coating on the playing surface, protecting it from scratches and other wear and tear. Even if you did manage to scratch it, the kit includes the wax and brush needed to maintain the playing table. So you’ve got everything you’ll ever need to enjoy the table and keep it in good working order for many years on end.

Barrington has so far managed to consistently exceed my expectations with their luxurious designs. And this particular table is no exception either with its 3 gorgeous styles ranging from an urban look to a sporty variant and even a traditional colonial wood finish.


  • Luxurious Style – The Webster’s design brings your mind’s eye to a world of scotch and cigars while sitting next to a wood fireplace. It looks and feels like the darker rich woods in million-dollar desks.
  • Scratch Resistant – The thick UV coating not only provides amazingly smooth puck movement, but also adds a good bit of durability to your table.


  • Difficult Maintenance – The curvature of the table tends to change over time. Similar to the previous Barrington model, it needs multiple adjustment brackets installed to keep the concave shape require to play the game.


It was a hard decision to make, but my pick for the best shuffleboard table on this list would have to be the Carmelli Dark Cherry 9 ft shuffleboard table. The combination of its price and stunning beauty, as well as its quality material and easy maintenance, this table deserves the brightest spotlight.

This nine-foot table is excellent for beginners and will fit in almost any living space without having to sacrifice other furniture. Not only is the shuffleboard an ideal length, but it also has the perfect height that children are welcome to learn how to play.

The Carmelli 9 is the most durable table with a solid hardwood block and incredibly thick coating. It includes climate adjusters on both sides, which helps level the playing field no matter if the climate is humid or arid.

But, if you do not mind the size and have space to accommodate a larger shuffleboard table, I highly recommend the Barrington Webster in any of its available designs. Having a table that matches the overall aesthetic of your home can be an incredibly important buying factor. The Barrington will give you a classic, beautiful look and will complement other furniture well.

Having stuck with me this far into the article – you should now be somewhat of an expert on identifying the qualities of the best shuffleboard tables. We’ve gone over everything you need to know to pick out the best one for yourself, and having covered five of the best shuffleboard tables on the market right now- I hope that you were able to get a head start on your short-list.

Ultimately, have fun with the process, and once you do make your pick for the best shuffleboard table – enjoy the living heck out of it!

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