Best Massage Chair Cushion

Massage cushions are an excellent choice for portable stress relief. The pressure of life’s daily stresses is often the core of other problems such as anxiety and decreased cognitive ability.

Over time, using a massage cushion, you’ll physically and emotionally loosen up and feel less tension, or regain the cognizance that you may have lost while battling stress. Currently, massages are considered one of the best ways to get some R&R into your busy life and free yourself from your physical, daily aches, and pains. And the extraordinary thing about massages is that you can now enjoy them on the go.

How is this possible? Say hello to massage cushions!

You can use them with any chair in your workplace, your car, or your home. Massage cushions often cost less than an eighth of the usual price of a massage chair, yet they can be equally as beneficial and give you just as deep and pleasant of a massage.

Before we dive head-first into some of the best massage chair cushions on the market – let’s take a gander at the list of benefits massages offer as well as some of the hallmarks that make for a good massage cushion.

The Health Benefits Of Massage Chair Cushions

Until recent years, massage wasn’t always regarded as highly as it currently is for its health benefits rather than its physically pleasurable aspects. Although we’ve always been able to recognize massage was beneficial to the human body, it took quite some time for the scientific benefits to surface.

A little bit over 20 years years ago, scientists conducted groundbreaking studies to prove the favorable effects of massage. It can help treat a wide array of things from anxiety and digestive orders, to fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, and internal injuries. Although, you may also wish to look over here at some cannabis products which can also help with some of the listed issues.

Massage Promotes Relaxation

Every day we adhere to the stresses of day-to-day life, including bills, jobs, or being dependable for someone else, which can put a huge weight on your shoulders.

If you’ve ever heard the common expression “take a load off,” it’s a suggestion to sit down and relax. Massage can help you do exactly that, “relax.” When stress builds up, and you don’t have time to relax, your body produces unhealthy levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Cortisol is a major contributor to weight gain, insomnia, digestive problems, and headaches. Left alone, any of those symptoms can progressively get worse and turn into worse conditions like high blood pressure over time.

Massage is shown to significantly reduce cortisol levels in the body and significantly increase pleasure chemicals, including serotonin and dopamine. Lower cortisol, along with higher dopamine and serotonin will make you feel happier, and relieve any negative stress symptoms.

Improved Circulation

One of the long-term effects of massage therapy or the casual use of massage chair cushions is a boost to your circulatory system. If you’re suffering from poor circulation, you can expect discomfort, cold hands and feet, fatigue, and a variety of aches and pains. Proper circulation aids in repairing any of the fatigue and soreness you may feel on a day to day basis.

When you get a massage, the gentle pressure will physically stimulate the movement of blood in different areas. This allows new, oxygen-rich blood to rush back into the area, aiding your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Increased circulation also benefits you by interacting with your body’s lymphatic system, allowing it to rid itself of toxic waste.

Better Posture

One of the leading causes of chronic pain in the body is poor posture. Our bodies aren’t built to sit or stand in one place all day, and the strain of doing so can eventually damage your posture. And if you’re around my age – those bad habits start to turn into a daily pain in the neck, literally.

Between stretching and massage, it’s possible to correct your posture and put your back into proper alignment. Better posture will help liberate you from chronic pain and allow for higher mobility as well as an improved range of motion in your joints. You can also combine it with supplemental support such as medical marijuana, herbal supplements, a pain regime from your doctor, etc. If you choose the former, you can check out websites such as for more informational assistance.

Strengthened Immune System

Remember that little thing called cortisol? Yeah, well – it has the potential to disrupt your immune system, leaving you wide open to infections, pathogens, and bacteria. And if you start losing sleep over stress or an achy back due to bad posture, the issue only gets worse.

If you’re able to wipe cortisol from your life’s daily equation, you’ll end up with a stronger immune system overall. And as I touched on earlier, massages are one of the best ways to kick stress and daily aches to the curb!

So, massages are pretty darn amazing, aren’t they?

But, as a busy and hardworking person, you often won’t find the time to visit a massage therapist or chiropractor. In any workplace, you’ll find yourself sitting or standing for extended periods, causing a lot of pressure on your back, decreased blood flow throughout your body, and aches in your muscles. And it only gets worse as you age (trust me!).

And with few people having the necessary room for a full-blown massage chair or the cash on hand to frequent a spa – massage cushions make for a great alternative. They can help you keep your body in top working condition and get a nice bit of relaxation booked in, without disrupting your schedule.

Let’s go over the key points that you need to keep in mind to pick out the best possible massage chair cushion for yourself!

The Different Types Of Massage Chair Cushions

Knowing how to choose the right massage cushion starts with identifying and understanding what goes into the design and features of the massage cushion.

Currently, there are two main types of available massage cushions:

Massage Chair Pad

A massage chair pad is designed to cover the entirety of your chair and give you a full back massage. A massage pad is fortified with nodes, rollers, or airbags. From top to bottom, chair pads are built to provide you with the most thorough massage.

Massage Pillow / Cushion

Massage pillows or cushions are available in a variety of different designs that utilize massage nodes or vibration points instead of the rollers and airbags you’d see in massage chair pads.

These are usually much smaller and far more portable, which makes them incredibly useful to get some relaxation and pain relief on the go.

What Should You Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Massage Cushion?

Aside from the two differences in design, the most important deciding factor is whether or not the massage cushion really matches up to your needs and preferences.

To help you figure out just what kind of massage cushion you need – ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does the massage chair cushion get hot enough?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Do I need it to be portable?
  • What kind of massage features am I looking for?
  • Will the massage cushion match the style and size of my chair?
  • Do the massage settings help me relax and get rid of soreness and aches?

Now, of course – there are a plethora of other questions you can ask before buying (and if you need inspiration, ask my wife), but the set above should prove to be a good starting point for you to figure out what exactly it is that you should be looking for.

So having gone over the benefits that come with getting regular massages, as well as the core differences between the two main types of massage cushions you’ll find on the market – let’s take a look at my top picks for the 5 best massage chair cushions this year!

The 5 Best Massage Chair Cushions Of 2020

Comfier Shiatsu 2606MC

The Comfier brand quite literally has the mission statement of aiming to help their customers relax their muscles, soothe their nerves, promote circulation, and significantly reduce daily aches and pains to improve overall health.

All in all, it’s fair to say that this manufacturer truly strives to deliver the most relaxing massage experience at a low cost. And after trying the 2606MC, let me tell you – they definitely live up to their ambitions!

This model utilizes four rotating massage nodes that move up and down to imitate the comfortable and relaxing feeling that you’d associate with a real pair of hands. The back rollers, combined with a nice bit of heat, are a sure-fire way to provide the relief you need on a long day. The comfortable experience doesn’t end at rollers and heat, though. The seat massager vibrates at varying intensity levels and provides a more comfortable and soothing experience for your hips and lower back.

With the Comfier shiatsu back massager, you also get to enjoy the luxury of multiple zone settings. If your upper back is sore, at the push of a button, you can have targeted upper back massage. And the same goes for your lower or mid-back.

Another one of the first things that drew me about this particular cushion is its portability. Just pick up the cushion, place it on a chair, and strap it in. It works (and fits) on virtually any piece of furniture that you would logically think to sit on.

Though I should note that this massager isn’t quite compatible with cars, and there is no adapter available to make it happen (yet).


  • Targeted Massage – Each massage setting is designed to target your most troublesome aches and sore spots.
  • Great Price Value – This is definitely a budget model, but it’s dependable and comes with the right amount of features for its price.
  • Highly Portable – You can take this cushion anywhere to enjoy at work as well as at home, which is definitely a big plus.


  • No Airbags – Unlike many of the other popular models, this cushion relies solely on rollers.
  • Weight – Despite the minimal design, this massage chair cushion weighs nearly 14lbs.

Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

The Snailax shiatsu neck & back massager is yet another simple and highly portable option on my list. At first glance, you might think that the design is actually quite dull, which can deter some people. However, let me tell you – looks aren’t everything when it comes to this particular model.

This cushion makes use of surprisingly deep-kneading nodes and offers three different modes of intensity. These deep-kneading nodes move up and down to cover the entirety of your back thoroughly. And it even features adjustable width, so anyone who decides to use this cushion receives a far more targeted experience than you’d expect from an option in this price range. And if the pressure isn’t enough, there’s also a removable flap that allows you to expose a few of the rollers for more intense pressure.

Additionally, there are multiple vibrating modes to provide an extra bit of comfort and simulation during your massage. Each vibration mode is designed to penetrate your hips and thighs at different levels of intensity, which does wonders for sore muscles and improving blood flow.

The massage chair is designed for portability in the highest sense of the word “portable.” The thin chair shape design makes it incredibly easy to set up at home or work. And getting set up is easy-peasy – just plug it in and enjoy a nice and deep massage.

Considering this cushion features everything you could hope for, alongside a surprising degree of portability – it’s definitely a great option and comes at a very friendly entry-level price tag.


  • High Weight Limit – The height weight limit allows nearly anyone to sit on the cushion, avoiding any embarrassing situations.
  • Incredibly Deep Massage – The combination of features that Snailax threw into this model provides for an amazing all-around massage experience.
  • Very Portable – Although the chair is loaded with a tonne of features, it’s much lighter than many of the less advanced cushions.


  • Made For Tall People – The rollers are positioned in a way that best suits someone over 5’11”. Which makes the massage experience a little more awkward for shorter folks.
  • Slippery Material – Expect to constantly slide forward unless you’re wearing something like a thick-denim pair of jeans that has some semblance of traction against the slippery material.

Comfier Shiatsu 2D/3D Kneading Full Back Massager

The 2D/3D Comfier Shiatsu neck and back massager takes all of the best features of a full-blown massage chair and crams them all into a cushion. Pretty much from the first glance – it looks like the epitome of comfort!

In this model, a fantastic airbag system is used to apply a gentle pressure massage throughout the nooks and crannies that most rollers will often miss. But that doesn’t mean that there are no rollers. No, the Comfier 2D/3D has the best of both worlds. This massage also chair uses small shiatsu rollers alongside a comfortable level of heat and vibration that will give you a sense of euphoria at the end of each massage session.

The lower airbags gently push up to squeeze around your waist and thighs. While the gentle vibration and heat will yield the most health benefits, increasing blood flow and relieving tension.

And if you feel that the airbag system is too tight, there are three different settings that allow you to adjust the intensity and stay in total control of the entire massage experience.


  • Airbag System – The airbag system makes this cushion feel like an entire full-suite massage chair in cushion form.
  • Luxury On A Budget – The design is aesthetically appealing, and the features are comparable to the luxury of a full-blown massage chair or hand massage.


  • Quite Heavy – Most cushions are built for portability. Unfortunately, this one weighs in at nearly 20lbs, making it a little hard to carry around.

RENPHO Shiatsu Massage Chair Cushion

Renpho is arguably an underrated brand. However, in my opinion – it’s one that deserves a moment in its own spotlight. This neck and back massage cushion comes with a few personalization features that you won’t find anywhere else.

An issue with a lot of different massage cushions is that they aren’t really a one-size-fits-all solution. What Renpho has done is add a soft height-adjustable massage pillow that fits perfectly behind your neck and can be lowered to your desired height.

In addition to this, to prevent overheating and keep you within a reasonable means of massage lengths, Renpho has added a 15-minute timer. This auto-timer intelligently shuts off, preventing any possible injuries to you or any damage to your cushion, should you doze off during a massage.

Each of the eight rotating shiatsu massage heads is packed with heaters, placed in a circle around the mid-back on a track to cover and hit every sweet spot effectively.

The amount of adjustable features and settings, including variable heat, and several different modes, makes this one impressive massage chair.


  • Lots Of Features – From variable heat to different massage modes, this model has a lot to offer for the money you’re paying.
  • Adjustable Neck Massager – Tall or short, this massage chair cushion accommodates all.


  • 15 Minute Timer – It may seem silly as this is an intentional feature, but having to restart the massage cushion time and time again can be a royal pain in the butt.

Snailax SL-256 Shiatsu Massage Cushion

To finish off this list is another Snailax massage cushion. It’s quite similar to its predecessor above but still deserves a solid mention. This Snailax model uses four incredibly large shiatsu massage nodes to cover more space around the neck and back. Each node is carefully placed in this cushion. From the upper back to the lower back and mid-back – these nodes will move on a track to give you a nice and deep massage. They also have an adjustable height, making it more adaptable to the natural shape of your body.

The most practical feature of this model is that it only weighs 5.8 lb, making it the most portable massager on the list! Without sacrificing any other beneficial features, it maintains an incredibly thin design, allowing it to be easily packed up and moved at any time.

Like the older Snailax models, the SL-256 also has removable flaps, allowing you to adjust the intensity and pressure of your massage. Combine the removable flap with a spot massage, and you’ll be getting a deep and relaxing massage that you’d imagine to be far beyond the limits of a regular cushion.


  • Ultra Light-Weight – The thin, lightweight, portable design makes portability the smoothest possible experience.
  • Upgraded Feature-Kit – It comes in at nearly half the weight, and with much more advanced capabilities than its predecessor.


  • Rough Massage – Although it may be enjoyable to some, the massage can actually be a bit harsh, which may be remedied with a thick blanket or towel to add some padding.

Final Thoughts

To finish things off, the best possible cushion on this list (in my personal opinion) would have to be the Comfier 2D/3D massage cushion with shiatsu rollers.

All in all, it yields the best range of health benefits as it stimulates more of your back with its massagers, airbags, vibration, and heat. And having used it myself for quite some time – I can definitely attest to the fact that it increases blood flow, improves your posture, lowers your blood pressure, and reduces the overall impact of stress on your body.

Despite the slightly higher weight by comparison to the other models we’ve covered – it’s still plenty portable.

My wife and I are both absolutely in love with the Comfier 2D/3D massage cushion. But be that as it may, even though this one is the one that fit best for our needs, the one ideal for you might be a totally different model. That’s why I strongly recommend that you do your due diligence.

Today we’ve covered everything you need to know when picking out a massage chair cushion for yourself. We’ve learned about the wealth of benefits massages offer, what the defining features of a good massage chair cushion are, and we’ve even had a look at five of the best models on the market in 2020.

I hope that my guide has helped give you the knowledge you need to shop with confidence. And I wish you luck on your quest to find the best possible massage chair cushion!

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