Best Ping Pong Table

Ping-pong originated in Victorian England, where it was enjoyed by upperclassmen as an after-dinner parlor game. Back then, the game wasn’t quite the same pastime that it is today. Instead of a net, books would be lined up across the center of a table. In place of paddles, they would also use books. And for their ball, you would typically see a golf ball employed.

After the game gained ground and popularity, it was branded with the name “Ping Pong” and was grossly manufactured from then on. By the mid-1920s, Table Tennis was represented by multiple leagues who began to organize the first competitive championships in the game’s history.

And that popularity hasn’t dwindled since – in today’s day and age, ping pong is still one of the most popular games across the entire globe.

So, with that sort of popularity in the equation – it’s no surprise that many people are looking to buy the best ping pong table for their own in-home game rooms and man caves.

But when it comes to actually making the pick, you’re suddenly faced with a whole variety of options, each with vastly differing features. Maybe you want an indoor table, but an indoor table might take up too much space unless it can easily be broken down and stored. An outdoor table might be an attractive idea. But then, there’s a lingering worry in the back of your mind telling you an outdoor table will wear out if you don’t handle it correctly.

It sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

Buying my own ping pong table was a whole quest of its own, and it ended up taking me on a crazy journey – the fruits of which I’ll be sharing with you today. Together, we will take at the differences between indoor and outdoor tables, and what goes into the best quality of each. Afterward, we will discuss how to maintain and store your table.

And once you’ve got the hang of all you need to know about the makings of a good ping pong table, I’ll share my personal 11 best ping pong tables out on the market this year. And for the sake of helping you keep your investment safe and sound, I’ll even give you a quick run-down of how to care for and maintain your table.

Let’s get right into it!

Everything You Need To Know About Ping Pong Tables

Ping-pong tables come in a diverse range of different models to meet just about every player’s needs, either for the casual or the professional demographics. Professional tables are incredibly expensive and are generally made to be incredibly durable. On the other hand, a lower end table is one of the best ways to start playing ping-pong as an occasional player. However, you may want to upgrade in the future if you want to get a lot of use out of your table tennis setup.

Buying a ping-pong table might take some serious consideration. And it’s no secret that to find the right one for yourself, you’ll need to start with a few basic questions. I’m talking about questions like:

  • How often are you going to play ping-pong?
  • Where are you going to play ping-pong?
  • Is the table durable?
  • Is the table thick?
  • Do your skill level, and amount of use that you’re going to get out of the table match the quality?

To kick things off, you should ask yourself where exactly you plan on playing ping-pong. Do you plan on using an indoor table are an outdoor table? Let’s have a peek at their differences!

What’s the difference between an indoor and an outdoor ping pong table?

Indoor and outdoor tables are quite similar; there are just a few small differences. If you placed an indoor added outdoor table side by side, they would be the same size and shape and would look practically identical at first glance. But, upon closer inspection, you’ll quickly realize that the real difference lies in the materials used to construct them.

Outdoor Table-Top Design

The standard design of an outdoor table involves layering. Each layer is designed to protect your table, warranting the highest degree of durability. Why is this important? If you had a one-layer block as a surface, the whole thing would eventually warp due to changes in temperature and climate.

When wood is exposed to moisture, the moisture braces way to the smallest nooks and crannies that it can find. Because of this, it will cause the wood to expand and break down its physical integrity. When the wood heats up, it will contract and dry out, leaving gaps in the place that moisture ended up sitting over the wet and windy seasons.

So, what are the layers in an outdoor ping pong table that combat these challenges?

  • The topmost layer of your outdoor playing surface will be a weatherproof UV protection finish, which is pretty well the most critical layer. The specially crafted protective layer keeps moisture out, and also prevents the sun from bleaching the brilliant color out of your table.
  • The Second Layer is the color and distinguishing white markings that border the surface. There isn’t much to this one aside from providing its appearance.
  • The third layer is an additional two protective coatings to further prevent damage to the look of your table and the overall playing surface. A small divot or ding could be devastating and quite literally cause an uneven playing field.
  • This next layer serves multiple purposes. The aluminum sheet is weatherproof for and doesn’t rust. This layer serves as a barrier between the supportive structures of the playing surface and the aesthetic layers. Additionally, the aluminum provides support that will prevent warping caused by changes in weather conditions.
  • Near the end of the table layers, is the actual wood. This layer could be comprised of chipboard, particleboard, or melamine, and serves as the wooden base of the structure.
  • Sandwiching every layer together, at the bottom, there’s a honeycomb-shaped aluminum structure. This layer adds additional waterproofing by utilizing a shape that prevents water from penetrating the rest of the table. After pressing each layer together, this will serve as the sturdiest supportive structure and will guarantee you years of gameplay.

Because ping-pong tables are typically built as two foldable halves that meet at the center, you can visually inspect the playing surface for each of these layers to confirm the quality.

It’s ideal to know what you’re buying; having a table that wears out on you over a short period can be devastating. If your tabletop ends up in a convex shape or warped down the center, you’ll find that your ping-pong balls will bounce to either side of the table with every shot.

Indoor Table-Top Design

Because it is typically dry indoors, most tables within a reasonable price range will be made from plywood. Indoor tables don’t exactly need the same level of protection as outdoor tables; nevertheless, plywood can still warp during the colder seasons. Higher-end tables compensate for warping wood by using denser hardwoods, or even metal. In your hunt for a beautiful ping pong table, you might also find one made from a thick hardwood like teak or oak, or even a metal option like stainless steel.

In my experience, for indoor tables – thickness and quality are practically synonymous. For example, a 12mm thickness is fragile, and because of its plywood structure, its highly prone to warping and can be incredibly brittle, making it challenging to move around. Because of the thin table isn’t really great at being able to absorb the shock of a ball, which doesn’t bounce well off of weaker structures. If for some reason, you tripped and fell towards this sort of thin table, it would be incredibly easy to snap in two on sheer accident.

The durability of a table doesn’t begin to improve until you reach a 16mm-19mm thickness. You’ll notice an immediate difference in the bounce of your ping-pong balls, as their movement will look more natural and reach proper heights during rebounds. This is the perfect table thickness for a beginner, and you likely won’t notice the difference between a 16mm-19mm table and a 22mm-25mm until you’ve accrued years of experience. You should be able to get a few years of fun out of this range of thickness.

The most common professional thickness is 22mm-25mm. This range of density provides the most consistent bounce alongside an amazing degree of durability. It isn’t likely to break or warp in comparison to its thinner counterparts. However, you should be ready for some stellar price tags compared to their thinner counterparts. But let me just say that the quality is well worth it! You can easily expect one of these tables to last for decades on end.


A durable chassis is a vital feature to consider while purchasing a new ping pong table. An ideal chassis features stainless steel, especially if you plan on using a foldable or collapsible table. During an intense match, a player might fall or jumble over the table just to hit the ball. A weak frame might not be able to handle the full impact of someone landing on it. A flimsy or thin metal might bend, and heap wood might snap.

Having a durable chassis guarantees both your safety and the longevity of your table!

The Size Of A Ping Pong Table

We keep mentioning the size of ping-pong tables, and we haven’t even discussed the measurements thus-far. A full-size ping-pong table is 9 feet long (2.74 m) by 5.0ft (1.525 m), so if you plan on using an indoor ping-pong table, make sure you have a room that allows for a table of these proportions to fit inside. The amount of space you have to play is incredibly significant, as well. You should have enough space to run to either side of the table at any given moment. Your opponent could put enough spin on a ball to send it flying sideways, and you will need to dash to either side to quickly hit it back.

The Miniature Ping-pong Table

There is one alternative to your usual full-size ping-pong table, and that’s the “Miniature” Ping-Pong table, which comes in a 6 feet (1.83m) by 3 feet (0.91m) variant (although there are some rare options that go even smaller). These are a great option to get your kids started with playing ping-pong. Eventually, as they grow older, upgrading to a larger table might be an idea to keep in mind.

Storage Options

Having space to store a table is essential too. There are three different kinds of ping-pong tables that allow for secure and safe storage.

The first kind of table is the table that allows for disassembly. This table will typically have a playing surface that physically pulls apart and snaps together. Being able to take both halves will enable you to store each half against a solid surface, preventing further warping. Typically the legs or frame will comprise of components that can easily be disassembled and stored in a compact box. This is one of the more preferable options for those who don’t have a lot of storage space.

The second style is the collapsible style. The collapsible table utilizes a crossed metal frame that can be locked or unlocked. After unlocking the metal frame, it can be lowered directly to the ground, then lifted onto its side. With the surface attached to the frame, it provides a lot of stability and prevents warping during storage.

The third style of the table is foldable and utilizes a hinge on its frame, reducing it to less than a third of its initial size. Folding from the center of the table, it holds both halves of the playing surface in a steady position, and ideally, only takes up a small amount of space, allowing for easy storage just about anywhere.

Regardless of which option you end up getting, you should definitely make sure that you’ll have the right amount of space to store your table and play the game. The last thing you’d want is to have to ship it all back because it takes up 99% of your man cave.

My 11 Best Ping Pong Tables Of 2020

Gosports 6’x 3′ Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set

If you’re looking for the most conveniently sized ping-pong table, the Gosports Mid-size Table Tennis Set is a fantastic option for you. Its small 6 foot by 3-foot design comes foldable and is incredibly lightweight, making it incredibly easy to store away and put together for the perfect game of ping pong. And if your kids are interested in playing, this option might be the right table for a young beginner.

The entire table is built out of thick aluminum, a lightweight and weatherproof metal that’s incredibly easy to move and can be used indoors or outdoors. The frame is also sturdy enough to support the most intense ping-pong rallies. When it’s time to pack this mid-size table tennis set into a cover, fold the table, throw a cover on it, and carry it away. This table only weighs in at 38.8lbs; your older children shouldn’t even have difficulty packing up this table all by themselves!

This kit comes complete with a net, two paddles, four balls, and a relatively detailed instructional manual. After a little bit of time invested into setting it up, you should have everything you need to start playing immediately.

However, keep in mind that this isn’t a regulation-sized table. It’s a compact option, so despite not being “up to standards,” it’s a perfect option for space limited folks and their kids.


  • Great for the kids! – This is literally the best child-sized table on the market, teaching your kids to play ping-pong is incredibly rewarding
  • Weather proof – As an all-metal table, you can expect it to last for years upon years without any warping or bending due to moisture


  • Fragile – The 38lb design is a little flimsy at times, it feels like it might break if a grown man were to lean on it or trip over it

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Ping Pong Table

The Joola Rally TL Professional Table has an incredibly beautiful black design that I just can’t get enough of. JOOLA is a high-quality brand, trusted for over 60 years, and they’ve also been the official brand of ping pong tables used in the Olympics twice!

If you’ve ever watched competitive ping-pong, you’ll likely have seen this brand as a sponsor in numerous world championships. And the best part? JOOLA designs tables for everyone, including beginners!

Now, on to the actual features of the table. The Rally TL uses a 15mm thick fiberboard, which means that its thickness is just under mid-range. This table is perfect for indoor play and makes a stunningly beautiful aesthetic addition to practically any home, or bachelor pad with the space to host it.

The table comes in two halves, making it easy to separate and pack away for easy storage without taking up much space. Out of the box, it unfolds into an incredibly sturdy table, with small black powder-coated feet,  which are easily adjustable to keep the table leveled. Another cool feature that I was personally in love with is that the separate half system allows you to practice by yourself easily, just fold one half up to enjoy a playback position.

On each corner of the table, you’ll notice there are small pockets that can hold up to three standard 40mm balls, which means you don’t have to go running around the room to fish out stray serves. A fantastic addition to the nifty features found on the outside is the abacus scorers, which are magnetic and can be stuck to any part of the Jool Rally TL 300’s steel frame.

This table is incredibly impressive and comes at a pretty low price tag. All in all, you can’t go wrong with a trusted brand like JOOLA.


  • Magnetic Abacus Scorers – There literally isn’t another table that made it to this list that had magnetic scorers, this is a fun feature for everyone
  • Ball holders – Instead of running for a ball every time it falls off of the table, it’s a great option to reach to either of your sides for a brand new one


  • Heavy – Storing a table with a steel frame can be difficult, as it adds quite a bit of weight when you use a regulation thickness table

JOOLA Inside Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

Another outstanding product produced by JOOLA; This professional indoor table was created to be a safe and more portable design meant for fast and straightforward setup in any location. Because of some of its unique features, this is the ideal table to set up for a regulation tournament, or to use if you frequently organize game-nights which might require you to bring it to another location.

Taking a look at some of the more unique features, I’d first like to focus on the undercarriage. This table splits into two halves and the bottom of each half has a compact undercarriage, making it easier to move around and set up. Using the locking casters on each wheel, you can prevent an unwanted mishaps and make the table stationary until it’s time to pack it up and go again.

But, what if the folded table falls over? JOOLA thought of that. This table features a safety latch on the underside of each half, so there’s no chance of it falling and causing a conundrum.

As a spectator during a regulation match, the black powder-coated frame won’t draw your eyes away from the game. And from a player’s perspective – the steel tube aprons will provide a great bounce that you’d typically expect to see from professional-grade tables.

However, the one thing that irked me a little was the fact that the wheel-locks are incredibly brittle. But, in all honesty – this is a pretty insignificant trade-off considering the fact that the table plays amazingly well and costs a fraction of what most tables in that tier of performance would normally cost.


  • Olympic grade table – JOOLA brings Olympic quality to your home at a reasonable price
  • Strong safety latches – The level of safety provided by the safety latches on this table will quite literally help you avoid unwanted headaches


  • Weak wheel casters – The locking mechanism on the caster wheels are fragile, so be very careful not to snap them

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table

Talk about durability! The Butterfly Centrefold 25mm table features one of the most rugged and durable designs on the market. This table is considered a higher-end model, and it’s a favorite among professionals and amateurs alike. During the 2004 and 2005 ITTF Pro Tour Championship, this exact model was even featured as the table of choice.

The thickness should be a clear indicator of its durability as an indoor table, 25mm is actually an entire inch. It also features a solid scratch-proof design that will not only keep your table-top safe from any accidental nicks or scrapes, but also reliably allow your ball to bounce and achieve maximum topspin or backspin with ease. You won’t see any skidding or weird rebounds on this table.

The durable steel frame and apron will prevent the table from moving around during intense games and getting dinged. And if you’re worried about the corners – they are all capped with a protector piece to ensure that your table lasts for an incredibly long time.

Similar to other tournament grade tables, the butterfly centerfold is collapsible. It only takes up a total width of 20” or (51cm) across, allowing for easy storage in a compact space. And due to the fact that is makes good use of a set of wheels and an undercarriage, you’ll be able to move this table around without any problems.

One of the most exciting features of this table is that it comes fully pre-assembled. Just remove all of the packaging, and it’s ready to go! Given that most tables come in parts, and it could take hours of staring at a shoddy instruction booklet before you can play – that’s a huge pro in my books!


  • Comes pre-assembled – Forget about hours of hard work and trying to decipher your way through a poorly-thought-out instructional manual
  • Professional quality – This table is ITTF approved and comes at a thickness of 25mm (an entire inch)
  • Incredibly durable – Butterfly spared no expense in making sure that this table is built with high-quality materials and is designed to last a life-time


  • Expensive – As with all good things, they come at a price and this table is no exception as it features a sky-high price tag compared to the other options on this list

STIGA XTR Outdoor Tennis Table

Usually, when you’re trying to determine the quality of a tennis table, your eyes are immediately drawn to how thick it is. The STIGA XTR Outdoor Tennis table is only 6mm thick, but don’t let that number fool you! The surface is made from composite aluminum metal, which not only makes it quite sturdy, but also allows it to be used as both an indoor and an outdoor table.

When shopping for an outdoor table, you’re often looking for something that isn’t going to warp over the cold or rainy seasons, and something that can easily be stored. By those standards, the STIGA XTR is a perfect match.

This table has features you would often only expect in an indoor unit. The design is collapsible and easily stored without taking up much space. With a simple fold and turn of one of the sides, you can easily switch from playing with an opponent to a solo match with its playback feature. And for an extra challenge, you can move the playback further away from the table to mix things up and hone your skills with this straightforward style of practice.

And to make sure that the 6mm aluminum tabletop doesn’t give away should you happen to lean on the table by accident, STIGA made the supporting frame from galvanized steel. With thick steel legs (which come with levelers by the way) an a solid frame – it should be able to withstand just about anything that you’ll throw at it over the years.


  • Anti-rust design – Outdoor tables with metal features are prone to rust, the use of all-aluminum parts dodges the issue
  • Durable steel frame – The thick 1.25” galvanized steel legs and sturdy frame mean that this table is bound to last for years on end


  • Heavy – Although aluminum is light, enough of it packed into one product (along with a steel frame) is enough to weigh you down

MaxKare Table Tennis Table

MaxKare is a growing e-commerce brand that has consistently proven to create reliable lifestyle products. Ranging from products for home comfort to sports equipment, I’ve seen them deliver on their promises while offering an affordable budget solution to their customers.

So, what I’m saying here is – if you’re on a tight budget, MaxKare will give you quality for less!

This table checks a few boxes when it come to the criteria of a reliable ping-pong table. The standard 15mm thickness gives it the density and sturdiness required to be a regulation table, and it’s solid MDF tabletop is not only durable but provides for a nice bit of elasticity too. It’s also foldable for easy storage and a solo playback option. And for an extra bit of durability they surrounded the MDF tabletop with a 1.2” steel tube, which will keep it safe from any bangs and nicks, especially if you plan on wheeling it around room to room between playtime and storage.

Hate setting up new furniture? Instead of a complicated IKEA style guide, the MaxKare table comes 70% pre-assembled (yeah, you read that right). The base is assembled for you, however there’s a few final steps that you’ll have to tackle yourself with the help of an easy-to-read instruction manual or informational YouTube video.

So, given it’s low price and the fact that it checks out in practically every area you’d think to look when it comes to buying a new table – I have to say that this is a pretty solid budget option for new players and those of us looking to get a bit of extra practice at home alike. But, keep in mind, you get what you pay for, that is to say that this table isn’t quite comparable to a professional grade model like the Butterfly Centerfold.


  • Regulation thickness – The regulation thickness provides an adequate bounce and physical durability
  • Quality materials – It uses a high-quality MDF base encased in 1.2” steel tube siding to provide a great bit of durability alongside a good gameplay experience
  • Super Affordable – It costs a fraction of what you’d be paying for a professional level table


  • Only 70% pre-assembled – Despite being advertised as pre-assembled, it actually comes “almost finished” with a few last steps for you to do yourself


Goplus Foldable Ping Pong Table

Owning a high-intensity game table requires some sacrifice. Your hardwood floors might take a heavy thrashing, or your textured carpet might take a beating from the constant shuffle of feet dashing to either side of the table.

Sometimes a table might get bumped into, and its wheels or feet will dig into your carpet to the same effect. Goplus is one of the very few brands that have thought of providing a solution to its indoor users.

To prevent damage to your floors, the GoPlus Foldable Ping Pong Table introduces rubber leveling feet. The primary use is to keep your floor scratch-free, especially after heavy use. It can also be adjusted for a level surface playing field.

Setting up this table is as easy as taking it out of its box, unfolding it, and placing the net on its posts. A truly 99% pre-assembled table is a rare commodity.

The collapsible design of the Goplus table makes for more accessible storage than most. Just take it down and tuck it into any space that it’ll sit. Asides from its height, the only area it takes up, is the width of its legs and its 12.7mm table surface.

The thin 12.7mm is to be expected in this price range, but the steel frame adds all of the density and durability that you would need for the right amount of bounce.

As far as beginner tables go, this is one of the best.


  • Rubber footing – The rubber footing adds a level of scratch resistance by protecting your floors
  • Fully Pre-assembled – This is a fully assembled model out of the box.
  • Mid-Sized – It is an excellent beginner pool table for events and parties. It can be stored away easily and doesn’t take up much space.


  • Thin Surface – A thick surface almost means everything when it comes to indoor tables
  • Aluminum – After heavy usage, you may find that it’ll start having dents on its edges due to the aluminum frame.

Lancaster 4 Piece Official Size Indoor Folding Ping Pong Table

The Lancaster 4 piece Official Size Indoor Folding Table, will entice your eyes with its elegant black and red design. The gorgeous black color is comparable to JOOLA’s TL-300 and is well complemented by its vibrant red border. This table is an excellent source of eye candy that makes an attractive centerpiece for your games room.

There’s no sacrifice in worth with this table despite its good looks. It comes in a full regulation size to train on comparably to a champion table-tennis player. The tabletop is only .625 inches thick but is supported by a robust 1.25-inch steel skirt that provides all of the density your table needs to bounce a ball like a professional.

The separable folding design allows for solo playback mode and can be adjusted to several positions to create unique and exciting challenges during so gameplay. The folding design makes it incredibly easy to store, and its dark color scheme will keep it out of sight when you mean to hide it.

Setting up a Lancaster 4 piece Official Size Indoor Folding Tennis Table is incredibly quick. Just combine each of the four pieces, and it will become a table in moments.

Having an attractive table like this one is a definite conversation starter. It will be the center of attention among any of your guests.


  • Beautiful design – The Lancaster’s black and red design adds a luxury aesthetic that’s sure to impress any of your guests
  • Tournament Ready – It is a tournament size table if you are looking to go professional with ping pong
  • Secure Storage – It comes with a folded dimension of 64.5 x 60 x 30 inches. It other words, you can store it easily in the closet or basement. It doesn’t take up much room fully assembled, either


  • Lower quality tabletop – The physical quality of the surface is subpar in comparison to others. Although it’s 15mm or .625 inches, it feels like the thinner tables we’ve warned you about.

Kettler Axos 2 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

A high-quality outdoor table is a difficult find, and there aren’t many that work to compensate for changes in the climate. Kettler joined forces with ALU-TEC, to use its patented climate control technology on the underside of the table. You don’t have to worry about your table’s materials expanding and contracting under the harsh conditions of any season because of the unique aluminum board.

The Alu-tec aluminum board provides additional stability to the playing surface giving it a perfect, tournament quality bounce.

This table rust and dust-free in its entirety; The aluminum tabletop, skirt, and underside will last for years on end. Aluminum isn’t the only rust-free material used; the legs of the table are galvanized steel that will withstand the worst weather conditions and hardcore gameplay.

Is the table in the way of something? Unlock its wheels and push it to another spot. If you need to fold up the table or unfold it, there’s an additional locking mechanism to prevent any nasty tips and injuries. After folding the table down, it should only be about half of its original size.

The Kettler Axos 2 is an outstanding outdoor table and is probably the best for its price in comparison to its competition.


  • ALUTEC – The patented Alutec technology is such a unique feature it needed to be mentioned, this is waterproofing at its finest
  • Easy to move – Unlock the wheels, and you can have the table moved from point A to point B in a few short seconds
  • Steel Legs – These legs can endure intense gameplay and resist corrosion. Ideal if the table will be used heavily
  • 2-Year Warranty – Get up to two years for any repairs and replacements at no additional cost.


  • Non-Tournament thickness
  • Can be difficult to setup

JOOLA Midsize Regulation Height Table

Midsized and smaller tables are often compact in all of their dimensions. The JOOLA Mid-size table comes in at regulation height and might provide an extra challenge for a skilled ping pong player. This table is designed for convenience and additional use asides from being a ping-pong.

This JOOLA table is incredibly tiny. This table is 6 feet by three feet, and stores at a length of 3×3 after folding it up.

If you had your friends and family over for a night of cards and dinner and need an additional table, the open legs below you to pull up a chair and sit down, most tables feature a crossed leg design that doesn’t allow for multipurpose convenience.

This is by far the most laid-back table to set up on the list, unfold its legs and push it together, and the setup process is complete.

With JOOLA being one of the top regulation brands, a small table of this caliber is easy to teach or train your children to play like a pro. At 2/3 size, JOOLA didn’t let go of a proper table thickness, and your shots will quickly bounce and spin like they would with one of their full-sized tables.


  • Professional Quality, Small Size – JOOLA never disappoints with the physical quality of its tables. The materials used and the bounce achieved still meet regulation standards
  • Easy to Assemble – The assembly times take roughly 10 – 15 minutes but need at least two people. It has a clamp system for quick attachment and removal from the table.
  • Quality Table Surface – A charcoal tabletop for an aesthetic look and durable playing surface.


  • Difficult to play on – Small tables are a fun-size, but it’s challenging to play on, as there’s a way more significant margin for error

STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis

When you buy a space-saving miniature table-tennis set, it won’t likely match the scale of its regulation-sized equivalents. The Stiga Space Saver Compact Table Tennis set perfectly matches the level of full-sized tables to an exact ratio. This table guarantees a play size that makes sense for those who like to play the game as it’s intended. Honing your accuracy and precision on this STIGA brand table will make a world of difference when you take those skills back to a larger table.

Each half of the table uses fold-out legs, making allowing any of its users to set this table up confidently.

We meant it when we said the table was perfectly downscaled. The playing surface thickness was cut in half but maintained the same amount of bounce as one of STIGA’s full-sized models. If you need to pack it up, tip the table over, fold its legs shut, and it can easily fit in the nearest closet.

This is the perfect table to set up in a small apartment during a short window of downtime. Throw it down, play a quick game, then fold it up before dinner’s ready. Even older kids can easily take it apart, with a bit of teamwork, they can put it away in a few minutes.


  • The fold-out design – A miniature table with a fold-out design is easy enough for anyone to set up and takedown
  • Perfect Scaling – Having a perfectly downsized model adds practicality
  • Great for limited space – Its compact size makes for the ideal ping pong table for limited room space
  • Very Sturdy – Its metal framing makes for a sturdy table for impactful and competitive gameplay


  • Can be very heavy – The downsize with metal framing, it is very heavy and could lead to an unlevel playing surface
  • Mid-Sized Table – If you are looking for a full-sized option, this just doesn’t cut it as it is scaled-down to accommodate for limited room space

Closing Thoughts

There are almost too many options when it comes to buying a ping-pong table. On the one hand you might want to opt for the convenience of an indoor table and on the other, the portability of an outdoor table. Regardless of my top picks and the opinions I’ve shared with you, you should ultimately choose what’s most convenient for you. And having stuck it out with me until the end of this article, you should now have a pretty good idea when it comes to what you’ll need to look out for to make sure you pick out the best ping pong table.

My personal favorite on this list (and the one I bought for myself), would have to be the JOOLA Rally TL-300. Bringing home an Olympic grade table, you’ll immediately feel the difference in quality. The full 1-inch thick surface and solid steel skirting yields a way better bounce than any other table that I’ve looked at and tested.

And hey, tables with black designs fit in well with any interior (even my wife ok’d it), and create the illusion that they’re much smaller than they are. When you fold the JOOLA up, it quickly turns that space-illusion into a reality as it’s super compact to store. Now, the price tag on this professional-style table is slightly higher than others, but you’re really getting what you paid for when you go with this table.

However, a close second in my eyes would be an outdoor table. The STIGA XTR is the best outdoor ping pong table you can get for the price. You get the luxury and quality of an indoor table bundled into an outdoor model without it losing any playability. The coolest feature of the STIGA outdoor table would have to be its unique aluminum composite polymer that’s used on the playing surface. Being entirely made from aluminum, you rarely have to worry about excessive of cleaning or any crazy maintenance routines. Just give it a quick wipe down before playing, especially after storing it, and that’s it, you’re ready to get playing on the best outdoor ping pong table on the market.

Anyways, the boys and I have some important “pong” playing to do. So with that, I’ll leave you with the knowledge I’ve shared and wish you well on your own quest to buy the best ping pong table out there!

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