Best Home Massage Chair

Do you work long hours that leave your mind exhausted and your body weary when you get home? Are you the kind of person who needs therapeutic relaxation regularly after work? Or are you the kind of person that just wants a big comfy chair in their living room for a massaging sensation whenever you wish.

If any of these describes you, then you could be in the market for a home massage chair. But as with anything related to your health, you want to make sure you don’t skimp, so you want to find the best home massage chair for you.

The industry of home massage chairs is growing, and for a good reason. They’re customizable, therapeutic, and available to use at any time you’d like, especially if you are someone who needs constant massaging to relieve your muscles and keep you rested.

Do you spend your time at weekly massage therapy sessions or a masseuse to treat your pain issues? To find a good therapist or masseuses, don’t come cheap. You are likely to expect an average expense of almost $200 per week and can pile up quickly.

Home massage chairs at first is a significant up-front expense, but if you take care not to overdo it with your chair, it could save you a lot of money in the long run. The massage chairs themselves can cost a pretty penny, with top-notch options ranging from just under $1000 to $3000.

A home massage chair is a long-term investment, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t pay for it upfront, most of these massage chair companies offer payment plans. If you compare it to the weekly expense of a massage therapist, it will pay off within a month.

However, the price really shouldn’t be the only factor when making your purchasing decision. There are other factors to consider when we’re talking about the best-rated massage chair out there on the market.

Since it is a place to relax, comfort is essential. Not to mention the overall design, massage capabilities, entertainment features, weight, and height accommodations, to name a few.

It may seem overwhelming, but we’re here for you!

In this ultimate guide to home massage chairs, I will break down everything you need to know about these therapeutic seats, what you need to consider when making your purchasing decision, and just how many health benefits these massage chairs provide. Then I’ll give you a review of the best home massage chairs to consider before you buy.

Everything You Need To Know About Massage Chairs

What is the history of the massage chair?

Massage chairs have become quite the trendy item thanks to the terrible posture of workers, causing significant back and joint pain.

Now that they’ve become so popular, you might be wondering where they came from? Was it a weary office work that drummed up the idea? Or was it an entrepreneurial massage therapist who cracked this one big time?

The history of massaging goes back to ancient times when the Japanese and the Egyptians employed the technique to give the body a completely relaxed, calm and harmonic state to fend off any nasty demons, viruses or infections.

Then, in the early 20th-century, a new technique called Shiatsu began in Japan, a form of bodywork that helps balance body energy and assists you in arriving at a homeopathic state.

Massage chairs didn’t come far behind. In 1954, the Japanese Family Fujiryoki company began selling the first electronic massage chairs en masse. It was designed by Nobou Fujimoto, who could be considered the father of massage chairs. He was a genius that worked on several different versions and prototypes before eventually finding success.

It was launched and commercialized the same year as the first wooden massage chair. It was a two-ball kneading system, which was pretty impressive back then and represented one of the best non-human options for back relief.

In 1965 the Fujiryoki company made a breakthrough, adjustability. They designed the chair so that the height and the intensity of the massage could be adjusted based on personal preference, as well as adding two more balls, making it a four-ball kneading system. This innovative idea is still a cornerstone of all top-rated massage chairs today.

Fast-forward to 1968, and comes a humble massage therapist from sunny California named David Palmer that helped to popularize massage in the US with his patented ‘chair in a box’ design. It wasn’t an electric massage chair, but rather a chair that could assist in the proper administration of a massage by a therapist. He didn’t have much to do with electronic massage chairs, but without him, a lot of Americans wouldn’t have even known what a massage was or why it could be helpful to them.

Later, in 1975, Fujiryoki made another breakthrough when they designed a clutch system incorporated into the therapeutic chair, which added the intensity of the massage. Eventually, they added a new eight-ball kneading system, with spurred rollers controlled by a remote.

In 1995, air massage was introduced to the market, which had specific modes to target areas in your lower body that had not been seen in conventional massage chairs before

Today, we are presented with super-duty, all-adjustable, and a fully-loaded electric massage chair that will have you feeling relaxed across your entire body. But, things can get pretty complicated when selecting a massage chair and may not be what you have in mind when you think of one, so I will help you out by breaking down the finer points.

What is a Home Massage Chair?

A home massage chair is a regular comfy recliner that’s been designed and fitted with features to accommodate different types of massage. While they used to feature simple massaging with the ball-kneading technique introduced by the Fujiyoku company, they have grown far past what Mr. Fujimoto ever could’ve imagined.

Chairs of today feature things like zero-gravity functions, built-in MP3 capabilities, dozens of airbags and rollers, and so many presets that you may never get through them all. Not to mention, the adjustability factor is still present and as crucial as ever. Different bodies need different chair sizes.

Everyone’s body composition is unique, so when buying a home message, ensure you look for something that fits your size. This is also why manufacturers include as many features as possible to accommodate the buyer with adjustable functions.

With this many features out there, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which massage chair is the right fit for your body-type and massage needs.

Massage chairs are usually $1000+ investments, so you want to be as informed as possible, so you make the right decision. That is why I’ve put together this in-depth guide to help you through your purchasing journey, to maximize the right kind of chair you want in your household.

What to Consider When Picking Out a Massage Chair For Your Home?

While there are countless factors you could look at, there are a few important ones to look out for that I will discuss. Just sit down and think about a series of questions ready to ask yourself on which kind of chair you are after. Do you prefer to maximize comfort or aesthetics? Affordability or features? Or maybe you want a spacious chair that can fit in a small room?

Answering the following questions above will save you time and money in the long-run. The last thing you want is to have to return your chair because you are not satisfied with the product. In this guide, we want you to enter the buying market informed and making a proper buying decision based on research and your personal preferences in mind.

With that said, what are the most important factors or features you should be considering when buying a chair? Well, I’ve broken down the five aspects of a massage chair to consider before placing it in your living room or man-cave.

The aspects below include Comfort, Adjustability, Massage, Price, and Design. To abbreviate, we call this C-A-M-P-D to help you easily remember and come back to when selecting a chair.

Now, let’s dive in and take a look into why each of these factors should strongly be considered before buying a massage chair.

Is it Comfortable or durable enough for me?

Comfortability is one of the most important reasons to buy a massage chair. If a chair isn’t comfortable, then why buy a massage chair? However, some chairs aren’t optimally comfortable due to the material used within the seats. It may feel flat and not as cushy. But, if your focus is on the massage functionality, instead of comfort, you’ll likely want a chair that has all the massage features.

You could say that while you are paying for a massage, it is the comfortable aspects, such as the comfy cushions that you will be using the most. A lot of time, you or your loved ones will be lounging in the chair, taking a well-earned nap, spending time of your little ones, or watching television.

A lot of the time, you or your loved ones will be lounging in that chair, taking a well-earned nap, diving into your favorite book, spending time with your little ones, or just laying back and watching some television.

For all those activities, you’re going to want a comfy, soft, yet durable chair that will remain for a long-time. The last thing you want is your chair, only lasting for a few short months.

How many features are adjustable?

The name of the game when it comes to selling is customization and adjustability. These days everybody wants a unique or customizable version of a product. They want to truly make it their own, whether that be through appearance or functionality.

The most important feature to discuss when thinking about adjustability is the size. Looking into whether or not the chair is adaptable based on weight, size, or body type is always an essential thing that people (especially those who buy online) often overlook.

The chair size goes underestimated by most customers in the market for a massage chair. If you take a quick look at most of the reviews, most negative feedback is usually talking about how they can’t even fit their chair into the house because they aren’t adjustable.

Another vital feature to think about when gauging the adjustability of a massage chair is how well the chair locks into place when you’re reclining or raising the footrests. Some chairs simply don’t lock at all, which makes it hard to keep it in a reclined position.

Consider how much space this chair will be taking up in whatever room you want it in. Some models are spatially conscious in their design and composition while adding their attractiveness.

Last but not least, the massage features and functions on these new-era massage chairs and their adjustability should be given a decent amount of time during your buying journey.

These days, most massage chairs can have anywhere from a few features, to over a dozen preset massage functions. Some target the specific body parts like the calves, feet, lower back, and shoulders. This can set you up for a relaxing full-body massage without having to do any further customization to the settings.

But if you’re someone who needs or is looking for something a little more specific, a scratch that one of those presets can’t quite itch, then the adjustability matters even more.

Most of the best-rated massage chairs come with so many different customizable features you probably won’t even get to go through all of them. Still, the more user-friendly ones make it easy to navigate and change whatever you’d like about the massage you’re getting from your chair.

You can adjust everything about the massage nowadays, from strength, intensity, speed, and style, to positioning of the rollers and airbags. Some of these chairs are indeed the epitome of customization.

But as with anything, don’t get lost in the world of adjustability, it’s merely a part of a bigger picture and should be considered with the other factors. If you find a chair with the perfect measurements and features for you that lacks adjustability, that factor becomes a little bit less critical.

Follow these guidelines the best you can, but in the end, it is up to you to when making the final decision on the case by case basis.

What are the Massage capabilities of this massage chair?

If you’re dropping over a thousand bucks on a chair, that baby better come equipped with massage capabilities, am I right?

With that said, when purchasing a massage chair, most of what you are paying for is the material and massage functionality. It is pretty essential to understand what your chair is capable of when helping you relax on your day off. Otherwise, you will be sitting in a chair that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

This is probably the factor that features the most variance across different companies and models. There are so many kinds of massages and massage styles. The number of combinations of airbags and rollers that can mimic those styles is probably even more significant.

Some chairs focus mostly on the lower back, shoulders, or the entire lower body. Others give love to the whole body while boasting the coveted zero-gravity function, which has become the most popular feature nowadays. The other factors, such as the chair being comfy, affordable, good-looking while fitting your body type, are crucial to a varying degree.

But, the main differences will be far more noticeable once you start checking out the upper echelon of the best-rated massage chairs, such as shiatsu, deep tissue, zero-gravity, or Swedish. Below, I will break down what each feature means.

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique meaning “finger pressure.”. It focuses primarily on apply pressure on a specific point in the body. For a massage chair, you generally want one with all of the massage features you can get.

Deep tissue or intensity massage gets deep into your muscles to relieve stress and pain. It allows you to adjust the intensity levels to get the perfect massage that you can handle. It is usually ideal for anyone looking for a “strong” message and taking out those annoying aches from your body.

Sweden massage involves gentle, soft, and slow kneading strokes on your body. If you prefer a long-massage, to slowly relieving the joint muscles in your body, this massage feature is excellent for you.

Zero-gravity is a highly-reclined chair that simulates the position of an astronaut before take off. I’ll get into more details later, but it helps elevate your entire body to take the pressure off your joints. Zero-Gravity is essential since it aids your massage experience.

Now that you know which massage functionalities to look for, just keep in mind what kind of massage you want. Are you looking for a less intensive massage chair experience? Many affordable options can provide a much simpler yet satisfying vibration experience.

But, does the intensity of the massage matter? Then look for a Shiatsu or deep tissue chair. They also offer flexible options for less extensive massage experience for family members. However, it does come at a price tag.

Is this massage chair worth the price for me?

It’s no secret that massage chairs are expensive products and is not something that you will just go out and buy impulsively. I’m talking about a large piece of furniture that you’re likely paying more than a thousand dollars for, so you want to make sure that what you’re buying is worth the price.

When considering what you are going to pay, think of whyyou want this massage chair. Are you intent on getting a sophisticated, intense massage, or do you just want something comfy that can give you a little bit of physical relief when you need it?

If you’re looking for the former, you’re probably going to be paying a little more, as the massage technology in the chair is what makes up most of the price. If you’re looking for the latter, you’d probably be happy and satisfied with a massage chair sporting a smaller price tag because you don’t need all of those fancy features.

Another critical part is the warranty offered by the company producing the chair. When people like you and me buy online, we’re delivered something completely different than what we were looking at on the internet. It can happen to the best of us, which is why it’s always nice to buy from a company that offers generous warranty terms.

A good warranty will make the price balloon a bit. Still, they’re worth it based on the number of frustrated user reviews that are online from customers who couldn’t quite fit in their chair, wasn’t fond of the massage features, or couldn’t find a large enough spot in their living room.

Play it safe, and go with a buying option with an extended and comprehensive warranty.

Do I like the size, look, and design of this large chair?

This is an underrated factor when considering which massage chair is best for your home. As mentioned earlier, this is not some trinket you’re buying for your side table.

This massive piece of furniture could quickly become one of the focal points of the room it’s sitting in. And if you’re going to be paying a premium for a good massage, why not make sure that massage is coming from a chair that is as pleasing for your eyes as it is for your body?

Massage chairs can come in a wide array of styles and designs. They are usually water-resistant, with PU leather or fabric, as well as a variety of colors to select.

Another aspect of the design to consider is the spatial composition of the chair; how much space will it take up in that room? While some are built with spacing in mind, others can be quite cumbersome to the flow of your room when fully reclined.

As a bonus, there is one factor that I think I should discuss. To some, it won’t make any difference. But for anyone who’s just like me, it will.

BONUS: Can it play my Tunes?

Music helps soothe any anxiety and keep your mind off of things when trying to relax or meditate. There are things you can get distracted while having a massage, so why not have a few tunes to listen to? The right music in the right setting can genuinely put you at peace.

That’s why the music functionality can be a factor that you may want to consider to give you an optimal massage experience. If your body is getting the relief and the therapy it deserves, but your mind is wandering uncontrollably through all the pointless thoughts, you won’t be relaxing, will you?

If you’re buying a chair to help relax your body, why not get one that can also assist with relaxing your mind too?

Your favorite music can help you relax and relieve stress. And there’s no one genre for relaxing. Just like the chair, it’s all about personal preference, whether it’s calm chords, ocean sounds, boppy R&B, or slow jazz, music. Even rock’n’roll can get you in the right headspace to relax.

Although music functionality is not mandatory, ultimately, you want a chair that massages, not just play toons. However, it can keep you less distracted and focused.

The Hot New Trend in Massage Chair Design: The Zero Gravity Function

By now, you’ve probably heard of the hottest new thing in the massage chair industry: Zero-Gravity.

Now you may be wondering, “Zero-gravity? You mean like I can fly?” Well, no, this chair does not defy gravity, but it does simulate the feeling of a gravity-less space for the person sitting in it.

You’re not hovering or losing weight (though you may feel like you are) with the zero-gravity chair either; it’s all about the sensations.

Before we dive in deeper, I want to make it clear that not every massage chair has a zero-gravity function, and not every chair with a zero-gravity setting is a massage chair. Some manufacturers produce reclining chairs with no massage capabilities but that feature zero-gravity abilities.

When a chair says it has zero-gravity capabilities, that means that the chair can recline low enough so that your feet are above your heart. As mentioned above, the name comes from the position that astronauts take during liftoff. It distributes the stress of the launch throughout their bodies, which is also of a reclined configuration.

The positioning of the legs above the heart also promotes circulation in the legs, reduces swelling, and can prevent conditions such as varicose veins. It is known that the position of zero-gravity can relieve so much stress from your body that you may feel weightless, allowing for a deeper, more impactful massage.

Are There Any Health Benefits Associated With Home Massage Chairs?

If you’re looking to shell out a lot of money for a massage chair, you may be dealing with unnecessary pain. That brings us to the most common questions that are asked by consumers.

Do massage chairs have any health benefits? Can they help me combat the health issue, such as inflammation? Does it help me with my severe lower back pain?

Well, it’s undoubtedly not therapy, but it does have a few advantages when it comes to helping your body. The massage chair can help with a variety of ailments from chronic back pain and sciatica, to improvements in circulation and posture, to lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.

These painful health issues are reduced with the chair zero-gravity technology, built-in heat system, deep tissue massage, chromotherapy, and vibration features.

Now, let’s stop talking about the features and benefits of these chairs. We now know the significant advantages and why you should consider buying one.

Below, I’m going to give you the top-rated home massage chair out there on the market. Read on to check out my breakdown and reviews, as well as my final pick.

The 5 Best Home Massage Chairs Of 2020

Recliner Chair by BestMassage

While all the rest of the recliners in the top five will cost a pretty penny, this baby is affordable. You read that right, a massage chair that won’t break the bank.

The chair is modern and sophisticated. It can fit right into your living room without any problem, giving off the perfect vibe as a regular chair. This will be an excellent addition along with any other furniture you have around the house.

This massage chair for the living room has 8 functionalities for an optimal massage and 3 intensity to get you relaxing. It is not the most exciting thing about the chair, but it does its job well for what it is intended to do. It is also waterproof, and you will be able to keep it relatively clean, even if you have kids running around, creating an unnecessary mess.

Recliner Chair has the most impressive installation time, coming in at 2-minutes. Although, much of it has to do with its lack of massage functionalities compared to other chairs and focus on being a furniture piece. But, you are still getting a great deal for the price.


  • Easy-to-assemble design that takes no more than two minutes and also requires no handyman experience or tools whatsoever
  • Sleek, dignified look, coming in a wide range of colors, doesn’t look as bulky and out of place in a classy living room as other, bulkier and less subtle massage chairs
  • Suitable for someone looking for light massages and pretty design
  • The most affordable option on the list compared to other chairs.
  • The PU leather is waterproof so no need to worry about any spills while you’re lounging in this chair


  • Very limited to message capabilities
  • A small, compact design not adjustable for people with bigger frames
  • The chair does not lock in place when reclined, which makes it a problematic situation when trying to stay reclined.

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300

This bad boy right here on the list is the Ferrari among everything else. The price is a little steep, but at least with this one, you can guarantee that over time, you’ll get your money’s worth. Anything you can think of, this chair has got it covered, and for that price, it better.

Kahuna is fully customizable, with a remote-controlled air intensity massage at 5-levels and a total of 9 auto programs. The first five programs include Pain Relief, Relaxation, Fast Recovery, and Yoga Stretching.

The last 4 programs include Dynamic Sport, Golfer, Senior, and Office Person. These programs are meant to offer the buyer a unique massaging experience based on their own preferences at a zero-gravity position. It also performs close to having your personal masseuse at your own, without the added cost of going to one weekly.

With the SM-7300’s 6-rollers, it will feel as if you had several masseuses giving you a deep, full-body massage. You won’t have to worry about spending money again with your Superior Kahuna Massage Chair.

Since it accommodates all body types, you won’t feel left out similar to one of those one-size-fits-all chairs. There are 3-inches to the shoulder and hip area and can handle up to 320 lbs of added weight. You are truly getting an elite chair.


  • A new frame structure that allows for a deeper zero-gravity position
  • State-of-the-art space-saving design so that it can fit in any room
  • Bluetooth music capabilities with premium quality speakers built-in
  • You can now truly get a full massage session with your chair, as some of the massages on this chair last up to an hour
  • Effective heating therapy for lower back and leg areas with a separate on/off button so you can get the heat without the massage or vice versa
  • Top-performing technology that can nearly replicate the kneading, tapping, knocking, and shiatsu on each body part that a real massage therapist can do


  • By far the most expensive option on the list

Real Relax 2020 Favor03 Massage Chair

The Real Relax Favor03 massage chair is an affordable model that has many of the features you’d like for a massage chair while managing to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience.

If you are looking for a full-body massage, this chair comes with 50 airbags placed across your entire body, including calves, feet, lower back, hips, and shoulders, etc.. It is no doubt it will provide an optimal massaging experience.

What caught my eye is its easy assembly. It comes in 2 boxes and only takes up to 30-minutes to assemble. This is incredible considering how compact it is and the number of features it comes with. You are basically getting a plug n’ play massaging chair at 400lb.

It is also suitable for most short and taller people. The average height range is from 5.2 – 6.1 feet. The footrest can also be extended if you are taller. I have no trouble laying fully erect at 6.3 feet, and that’s is pretty amazing.

The Real Relax is fully equipped with Bluetooth music capabilities, zero-gravity function, and LED lights. Not to forget the back heating for proper blood circulation and back pain relief.

It’s also surprisingly customizable, as you’re able to use a remote to individually set rollers and airbags where you want them and adjust the speed and strength to three different levels.


  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Affordable massaging chair
  • Eight massage neck rollers
  • Zero-gravity capability
  • 50 airbags placed to support shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet
  • Foot-roller massage and Lower-back heating


  • Limited capacity for height at six-foot and one-inch and weight at 400 pounds
  • A 30-minute limit for massages
  • Six auto-modes, half as many as the big Kahuna chair we reviewed above

Ootori Massage Chair

This new entry from Ootori claims a “3D” robotic simulation will give the user the sensation of a real massage therapist from the kneading and tapping action. Providing both a body detail and complete human massage, you will feel a massage like no other.

This beautiful chair is covered with luxurious synthetic leather. It will fit along well in your living room or man-cave and complement other furniture and household items. It also has a 3-Year Warranty if you happen to have to replace it for any reason.

The most impressive part of this chair is its acupuncture foot roller system. At the bottom, the foot rollers will stimulate an acupuncture point to your foot, which will help relieve your body’s overall stress-levels and muscle tension that builds up in your joints. And of course, it has zero-gravity settings to give you the ultimate relaxing experience.


  • Zero-gravity capabilities and lower-back heating
  • Boasts luxurious and skin-friendly synthetic leather that’s both soft and durable
  • 3D massage technology that gives the most human-like massage out there
  • L-track design supports the spine and makes the massage more comfortable


  • Not much to write home about when it comes to adjustability and customizable features
  • No MP3 or Bluetooth abilities
  • Limited preset massage functions available

Furgle Shiatsu Massage Chair

This massage chair from Furgle is probably the most unique and fashionable one on the market today. It looks nothing like the other large, bulky massage chairs. Instead, it’s masquerading around as a regular comfy, living room chair.

The exposed, arch-shaped wooden supports are very aesthetically pleasing, and the breathable and spongy linen that lays on top makes it quite a satisfying sitting experience.

While the massaging technology isn’t quite as elaborate and modern as some of the other chairs, it is still extensive. It features an air pressure system, with 5-airbags in total, focusing primarily on the hips and waist and designed to relax caudal vertebra and sciatica in elderly people.

Despite being smaller than average, it has a deep kneading and tapping massage, which provides hip, thigh, neck, and back massage. There are several levels of intensity with a heat function to speed up blood circulation. For the price, you are getting more than expected. 

This one is perfect for someone who wants a charming, rustic piece for their living room that can also give them a little extra physical therapy when they need it.


  • Air pressure massage featuring five groups of airbags on the thighs, hips, and waist that provide circular air compression and rhythmic massage
  • Design helps to relax caudal vertebra and relieve sciatica which is excellent for an older adult or an office worker
  • Rocking chair capabilities
  • Embedded massaging balls give deep kneading, tapping, and spot massages for neck, back, waist, thigh, and hip with adjustable strength
  • Eight warm heating rollers to help speed up blood circulation
  • A lovely rustic, unique design you won’t find anywhere else in the massage chair market
  • 102-degree recline


  • Minimal massage capabilities
  • No zero-gravity
  • No MP3 or Bluetooth capabilities
  • Not as immersive of an experience as other massage chairs
  • Wooden armrests offer less comfort than the average massage chair


Now you’re ready to get out there and make a smart, informed decision about which massage chair is the one that fits you, your body, and your personality the best. We broke down what to look for and what to focus on when making your decision, what kind of benefits you can expect from massage chairs and their many features, and reviewed each of the top five home massage chairs out there in the market today.

After careful and deliberate research into the home massaging chair marketplace, I decided on my personal best-rated massage chair.

Say hello to the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300!

When taking everything into account, it has all the features you want for an amazingly affordable cost, even though it will still be a pretty penny compared to some of the more entry-level options. But with this mode, you really do get what you pay for, in the best way possible!

Are you interested in comfort? You’ll have a hard time staying awake, curled up within the big chair pillowed padding. Want adjustability? You can keep the heating and massage separate, and the 12 specialized presets are the most I’ve ever seen on a massage chair.

It has favorable customization, in comparison to other massage chairs. On top of that, it has a deep zero-gravity function to give you the best full-body massage along with Bluetooth technology and high-quality speakers built-in if you are interested in some relaxing and soothing music while you take a load off.

All in all, we’ve covered everything you’d need to know when it comes to picking out the best home massage chair for your self. From the health benefits of one of these chairs to the tell-tale features of a great massage chair, you should now have all the knowledge you need to shop with confidence.

I hope that you were able to learn a thing or two about these awesome chairs, and potentially even get a good head-start on your short-list. Best of luck!

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