Best Dip Bars For Your Home Gym In 2020

Having a gym at home is excellent. However, finding the right equipment for the space you have is the challenging part. In this article, we will look at dip bars, and which could provide you with the best bang for your buck. There are many ways to target your triceps and chest through exercises and accessories such as these. When you use them, there will not be any significant stress caused on your wrists, and there is no need to load more weight (unless you want to, of course). Dips are the best bodyweight movements for targeting triceps and chest, and they bring a lot of benefits. They help you in improving your strength and mass building. Dips are also helpful for general fitness performance. They are one of the best exercises for your upper body. But the only thing is you need to choose the right equipment for the space you have.

How to use Dip Bars?

Yes, there has been some hype created about dip bars in recent years. Even though it is a straightforward piece of equipment, it is raging in almost all fitness circles. However, most people still get surprised about the excitement that they see in others about them, but why?

Best Dip Bars

They are one of the more simple varieties of exercise equipment you will find. However, do not think that they are useless; they are highly underrated. They allow you to perform dips, pull-ups from underneath them, inclined press-ups, and any other number of exercises that you can think of to do. When you are performing dips, you are working out your chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles.

Dip Bars – How To Choose The Right One

There are many varieties of dip bars available in the market today. You need to choose the best one for you by considering a few factors. There are five major things you need to look for:

  • Budget
  • Fitness goals
  • Portability
  • Material
  • Weight

After considering all these factors, you can choose the best bar based on your needs and preferences.

Placement Considerations

If you have a home gym, then you are likely to have either a large amount of space or very limited. There are two variations of this equipment that you can use: Free-standing and wall-mounted. Furthermore, free-standing has two options, portable, and static. The main difference between the two is the weight.

So, if you are looking for portable and straightforward, these are the right choice. But in case if you need a bar with plenty of features and a more stable model, then try a wall mount station.

Best Budget Dip Bar – Prosource Fit Dip Stand Station

That is the right choice if you are looking for a small, portable, safe, and stable dip bar. The rubber feet entirely prevent the bar from slipping. There is a stabilizing safety connector, and that helps in extending the space between the bars as well as stopping them from tipping while you are using them.

You can increase the gap from 16 ¼” to 23 ¼” giving a wide range of availability for all sized users. This model is best suited for all kinds of upper body weight training exercises. Furthermore, it also features padded grips, which will stop you from getting calluses and sore hands.

The bar width is 24 inches, and the height is 31 inches. Height is adjustable, and you can take it up to 35 inches. Based on the type of exercise, you set up the bars either parallel or staggered, giving more flexibility to the routine that you create. This dip bar features a highly durable design, and it is powder-coated. The iron tubes are sturdy, and they can support a maximum of 400 lbs. You can safely train your shoulders, triceps, and chest. It is lightweight, portable, and very comfortable to move. You can quickly move it anywhere. You can also take apart this if needed when transporting or storing.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • You can take apart the part and transport it whenever needed
  • It is sturdy and can manage a maximum of 400 lbs
  • It comes with padded grips
  • The rubber feet make it more stable


  • Should be used on flat surfaces to avoid wobbling
  • There are no extra features included
  • It’s a free-standing, so, compared to wall mount bars, it is less sturdy

Final Thoughts

There are more expensive varieties available online, but this station is budget-friendly. It comes with all the essential features necessary for training your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Even though there are dip bars with additional features, this bar is handy for all basic workouts, and you will certainly not break the bank. If you are looking for a stable, simple, and low price range choice, then this is the right one for you.

Best For Small Home Gym – XMark Fitness Dip Station

Many consider this dip bar station as the king of all the accessories available for an upper-body workout. This model has unique angled uprights for sturdiness and to provide height differences at each side of the bar. It measures 21- 23 inches high, specifically for use by both men and women.

This is, by far, the best bar you can invest in for your use at home. Furthermore, all of the members of the family can make use of it. Featuring large sized 2 inches cushioned grips, they offer more comfort when you are using the equipment than knurled alternatives. This product is one of the best-designed stands specially designed and manufactured for home gym use.

The maximum weight capacity supported by this is 500 lbs, so if you are looking for an extra sturdy and capable piece of kit that you can store in a small space, this is the one for you.


  • Can be used people of varying heights with no adjustments
  • Suitable for home gym use
  • Supports a maximum of 500lbs
  • Cushioned grips are highly comfortable
  • Simple and stylish design and portable


  • Straightforward with no extra features
  • Width and height adjustment not included

Even though this is a simple variant, it is very reasonably priced, too. If you are searching for one for your home gym where you have a permanent space, this is the one you want. The best part is, even though it seems simple and comes in a sleek design; it can withstand pretty large 500 lbs. Cushioned grips make it comfortable when you are performing dips. Overall it is an excellent addition to your home gym. If you are looking for more stable dip bars, you can go for wall mounted.

Best Commercial Dip bar – XMark Commercial Dip Station


XMark is on the list for a second time, and for a good reason. It is one of the best multi-functional workout stations, and it is an upgrade to the previous version, with commercial arm and back support cushions. You will feel comfortable with the denser and more supportive cushions covered in resistant vinyl that is sweat and tear-resistant.

The dip bar features rubber grips on the push-up handles, and they cover the complete handle as well as the two top sets. Compared to the earlier versions, this model is super high-quality, so they certainly made the right decisions while designing the upgrades. Furthermore, it is scratch-resistant and powder-coated in the standard grey finish. This station has sturdy, skid-resistant feet to ensure the protection of your floors against damage and slipping while you are using it. Once assembled, and it is effortless to do, it will be 60 inches tall, 27-inch wide, and 47 inches deep. Therefore, you will need a little extra room for this, but it is an excellent choice if you have the place for it.


  • Multi-functional
  • Gym grade quality
  • It comes with high-density, sweat, and tear-resistant vinyl pads
  • It features skid-resistant feet, and there is no need to worry about floor damage


  • Doesn’t offer adjustment

Final Thoughts

This model is one of the best you will find if you are looking for multi-functional dip bars with gym quality. This model is a well-improved and upgraded one compared to all the other models as most of the features are included and improved upon based on customer reviews and suggestions of the older model. This free-standing version is relatively portable, and you can use it for performing exercises anywhere. Although dismantling it too many times may make the frame wobbly.

Best Wall Mounted Dip Bar – Ultimate Body Press


This wall mount dip station includes easy to follow assembly instructions and all of the mounting hardware that you need. It features cushioned sweat and tear-resistant padding for comfort. If you are not sure about free-standing dip bars, or you have very little floor space, then this is the right choice for you. This gym quality station is a lot more sturdy than the previous ones on the list, and that is saying a lot. Some of the products above are the most solid you will find, so, to have something better is incredible.

You can easily save a lot of space as it is wall mounted. Therefore, if you have some other equipment that you have to move around when you use it, this will leave an ideal floor space to move a treadmill or exercise bike into when you are not using them. The construction of this wall-mounted equipment is robust, heavy-duty steel, and the wall fixing bolts are likely to fail before this station does.


  • Padded foam grips are highly comfortable
  • Finished in gun-metal grey powder coating
  • It is highly durable and made of heavy-duty steel
  • Gym-quality wall mount dip station


  • Doesn’t offer any extra features
  • Unadjustable

Wall mount dip stations are sturdier compared to free-standing models, and this is one of the best products available. You can easily install it at home; however, you do need to consider the type of wall you mount it on. Do not expect any other features, but the floor space it saves makes up for that. It is a highly advantageous addition to a home gym if you have little space for new equipment.

Best Adjustable Dip Bar – RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Dip Station


This dip station offers many functions, and it comes with an extra sturdy structural design with triangular bottom supports. Those brackets ensure that the station is highly durable and rock solid. With a maximum weight of 330 lbs, it is not the strongest of the pack, but that is because the pressure is all on the adjustment pins. There will be an increase in capacity if the bars are at the bottom with no pins, but I would not like to guess what kind of improvement it would give.

For performing push-ups, pull-ups, and dips, it offers ergonomic top and bottom grip handles. These grips are highly comfortable and anti-slip. There are six adjustable levels, and hence this station can be used by people of all body types. Therefore, it is suitable for both adults and children, so one dip station can be used by all the family. It also features a square steel box section for ensuring stability during a workout, and adjustable suction cups on the bottom to ensure level bars.

As an added feature of this equipment, there is a removable non-slip plate for you to stand on. That plate also offers an extra element of adding core workouts, such as twist ab movements.


  • Perform all kinds of exercises just in one platform
  • Anti-slip grip handles
  • Offers the highest stability through square steel tube design
  • The entire family can make use of this dip station


  • Not as stable as wall mounted

If you are in search of an adjustable dip station for the whole of the family, then this is the right choice. Unlike other dip bars, it comes with many features, and they are all straightforward to use. It is effortless to set up and relatively portable as well. Among free-standing dip stations, this product is highly durable and flexible as well. It is also straightforward to adjust its height. If you are looking for something a little more customizable, and still within a budget, look no further than the Relife Rebuild.


There are plenty of models of dip stations and each, and every model comes with its features. It all depends on your needs and preferences and whether you are putting it in a tight, cramped home gym or a spacious, fully equipped garage gym. Of course, it is pretty easy to see from the list, which is likely to fit where. One point to note, however, is that you should measure the space you have to install one before you buy. Happy dipping!

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