Best Affordable Massage Chair

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after coming home and taking a well-deserved load off on your favorite chair, couch, or sofa after a long, hard day’s work. Whether you love the work you do, or you’re working for the weekend, work is work, and it can be tiring for your mind as well as your body.

That’s why your home should have a sanctuary, a place for your problems to melt away, and your mind and body to get the relaxation it deserves. And what better way to do that than with your very own massage chair right there in your living room!

If you’ve ever gotten a mani-pedi at a decent place, you know how much a good massage chair can help you unwind. Ask your lady, or sister, or mom, and they’ll tell you massage chairs can be just what you need to start feeling a little zen. Unfortunately, most men haven’t had the pleasure.

What we men know about massage chairs comes mostly from those crappy ones at the mall. You know, the ones they set up in between the shops for those guys who are waiting for their ladies to finish shopping. You put a quarter or a dollar in, and you get a cursory two-minute massage. Trust me, guys; this is not what I’re talking about here.

One of the great things about these new-age massage chairs is that they’re multi-functioning. Whether you’re looking for a decorative piece to complete your man cave, or you want a nice, comfy napping spot, or you want a good, quality massage, these chairs have got you covered. But as with any great product, there are more than enough options to choose from out there, and there are a lot of massage chairs carrying quite the pretty price tag.

That’s where Icome in.

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to get a relaxing massage chair, so I went out and studied and tested all of the best and most affordable massage chairs on the market. Our top options range in price from just over $100 to around $900, however if you have an amazon promo code you can order a chair online and make a saving.

Just because you’re getting the best message char for the money, doesn’t mean it won’t be quality. It all depends on you and your preferences. That is why I’ve put together the ultimate guide to the best affordable massage chairs and all the information you need to know about our five favorite options.

Everything You Need To Know About Massage Chairs

What Is A Massage Chair?

A massage chair is a comfy recliner, that can help you relieve stress and back pain. It got all the comfortable aspects of a pillow recliner, but with added features to help you truly relax.

The main advantage that a massage chair has is its inner and outer mechanics that provide the entire seat with the sensation of getting a massage. While some merely vibrate, others are capable of mimicking the complexities of a massage therapist’s methods.

These chairs are designed to provide even more comfort and relief to the tired and fatigued, hardworking man. If you have a few extra bucks lying around and willing to upgrade your man-cave, I highly suggest you consider a massage chair for relaxation after work.

The variety of massage chairs you can buy is outstanding and will make any other chair you sit on feels like an uneven stool or chair with a 60-degree angle. You will become so used to your next massage chair that you won’t begin to think of living without one.

The products I’ve selected have multiple message sets, zero-gravity settings, and countless other features. Not to mention, they come with some quality leather and fabric design that doesn’t take away from the comfiness you want for that much-needed Saturday afternoon nap.

What to consider when choosing a massage chair?

Whenever you’re making a big buying decision, you’re inevitably going to get pulled in all sorts of different directions by people with their own preferences and agendas. But, you are the one who’s going to have to make the final decision. Below, I will gradually step you in the right direction on what to consider when purchasing a massage chair.

Before you get to taking your wallet out, let’s make sure you have a budget in mind. This will help you determine the overall quality and features you can choose from when purchasing. You need to know what you are looking for from this chair, so you don’t go about ordering the wrong one that doesn’t suit you.

Now, let’s ask some critical questions about your next massage chair. Do you prefer aesthetics? The comfortability? Is it the covet? Or overall durability? Asks these simple questions to decide on what you are looking for. After all, it will be going into the man-cave, so we want nothing but the best there.

To give you a little help, I’ve listed a few essential aspects to consider during your massage chair-buying journey. Just keep those questions above in mind once we go through each product in detail.


Depending on who you are, buying a massage chair, which is by all accounts a luxury item, could either be a big financial decision or an inconsequential one. But for this article, I’m going to keep it affordable, especially for the average joe who can’t blow any amount of money whenever they’d like.

For me, the price is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when considering whether or not to buy a massage chair. But while it may be the most critical factor, that doesn’t make it the only factor.

While all of our chairs are sitting below the $1000 threshold, most of the top options you’ll find is skimming the marketplace at $1500 or more. But does price always correspond to a better chair for you? Maybe.

While a $900 option will surely have more features than a $100 massage chair, the $100 chair might have all the other aspects you consider most important. Price is a good starting point when you’re balling on a budget, but it’s not the end-all-be-all, just be sure to remember that.


Now, these are massage chairs we’re talking about here, not just your average seat. These chairs could be easily be classified separately as ‘comfy chairs,” but you should expect even more than that. Everything to the seating and full-body massage is critical.

At least half of, if not most of the time you spend in that chair will be of the un-massaged variety. Usually, you’ll be lounging in your chair just maxin’ and relaxin’. There is no massage or fancy stuff, just a comfy place to read a book or have a snooze. Don’t get me wrong: I know you’re not only shopping for a soft recliner here; you’re looking for a massage chair. As I’ve said before, when you’re making buying decisions like these, it’s essential to look at it from all sides.

If you’re only thinking only about the massage aspect while you’re out there on your massage chair buying adventure, you may end up with a chair that isn’t right for you unless the massage features are running. That’s not what you want, is it? You want a massage chair that’s good for your weary back and sensitive rump whether or not it’s massaging.


While the feeling you get when you sit in a massage chair is more important than how the chair looks, that doesn’t mean appearance means nothing. A massage chair is not a small thing; it’s a big piece of equipment and will be a large part of how it complements other furniture in the home.

So you want it to fit the aesthetic, right? The chair can not only be relaxing for your body but also has to look welcoming. You want a seat that you can be proud to introduce to your buddies when they come over for the game or impress your spouse with your stylistic taste. The design and look of the chair will play a role in that. Some of our chairs even have team-specific design options to choose from, though you will have to pay up for that custom addition.

Massage Features

To get an optimal massage, this is a significant factor in your buying decision, other than the price. If you’re paying up to the perfect massage chair instead of a run-of-the-mill recliner, you want to make sure that the overall message you’re getting is not only excellent but worth the added price you’re paying for it. As mentioned earlier, different massage chairs can provide very different levels of massages.

Some provide nothing but a subtle but calming vibration, and others have a complex range of massage functions that can you give you as good of a massage as any Mark or Macy masseuse could provide you. Since these features can vary so wildly, I’ll delve deeper into this factor when we break down each of the top five choices.

Are there any real health benefits of using a massage chair?

So are massage chairs just for kicking back and chilling, or can you get some real health benefits from one of these relaxation stations? The answer is a resounding yes. And the right people at The Chair Institute were kind enough to breakdown the seven main benefits for us. They are as follows:

Chronic Back Pain

  • Body Stretching
  • Heat
  • Zero-Gravity Seating
  • Deep Tissue Massage

Sciatica (Hip and Leg Pain)

  • Body Stretching
  • Heat
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Leg Massage

Improved Posture

  • Zero-G Seating
  • Body Stretching

Improved Circulation

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Inversion (or any steep angle of incline)
  • Heat
  • Vibration-Style Massage

Stress Reduction

  • MP3 Music Support
  • Zero-G Seating
  • LED Lighting aka Chromotherapy

Post-Workout Pain Reduction

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Vibration-Style Massage
  • Heat

Lower Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Inversion
  • Heat
  • Chromotherapy

It’s more than likely, if not straight-up certain that you’ve struggled with at least one of, if not several, of those health issues that a massage chair can help you relieve. According to TCI:

  • Over 75% of people in America will, at some point, experience back pain of varying degrees of severity.
  • Lower back pain is no joke either, with 29% of Americans suffering or having suffered from the ailment in the last three months, at any given time.
  • Issues related to high blood pressure are among the top causes of death in America every year, with 29% of Americans suffering from the condition.
  • Back pain is not only taxing on your body but your wallet as well. Over $50 billion is spent every year on back treatments, and indirect costs (lost wages, legal costs, etc.) amount to $100 billion annually.

So it’s clear that keeping your back in its best shape is not only in your health’s best interest but could also save you a lot of money on treatments. Instead of dealing with (and paying) for back pain, invest in an affordable, dreamy, and comfy massaging chair, to solve these problems for you.

So without further ado, here are our top five choices.

The 5 Best Affordable Massage Chairs Of 2020

Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel by Esright

Esright’s entry into the massage chair game is a good one. This model has an excellent broad sitting base, a soft and durable material, whether you choose the fabric or leather option. It’s also fitted with a supportive back structure and padded armrests.

Esright comes with several different massage functions that target four different body zones by remote control, and its heated lumbar recliner is also great for blood circulation. It boasts a smooth rocker, 360-degree swivel capability, two side pockets on both armrests for convenient storage, and easy-to-clean, water-resistant surface.

Here’s a little more on the pros and cons of the Esright Massage Reclining Chair:


  • Multiple color/design/material options make it perfect for any room design
  • It’s not overly expensive, and it’s one of the cheaper options on our list
  • This chair is not only a massaging and reclining chair but also features the soothing rocking function
  • Good lumbar heating system


  • The lever to raise the footrest is situated in an awkward spot, instead of on the side where you would usually expect it to be
  • Cup holders hold regular cups and bottles, but they don’t hold coffee mugs or whiskey glasses
  • Unfortunately, the heating and massaging features cannot be used separately

Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu UL Approved Massage Chair Recliner by BestMassage

This one right here is kind of the Cadillac of our affordable options. While this chair comes in under the dreaded $1000 mark, it boasts the benefits of a much more expensive chair: it offers a zero-gravity option. The zero-gravity setting elevates your feet to the same level as your heart, which minimizes the strain that gravity puts on your vertebrae while also relieving back pain and discomfort.

The zero-gravity option features 14 massage points that work together to provide a high-quality massage while you’re ‘floating’ in the zero-gravity position. That isn’t the only element of this chair, though. It is bursting with features at its price point.

It also has three preset auto massage settings, stretching programs, lovely leg massages, dual foot rollers, airbag assisted massage, and heat therapy, among other things. Not to mention it’s has a beautiful, modern, sleek color and design combination going for it.

Here’s a little more on the pros and cons of the Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu UL Approved Massage Chair Recliner:


  • Three preset auto massage programs that you can trust to give you a great and relaxing massage without the work of setting up all of the levels and logistics
  • Stretching programs including full-body stretching and foot rollers
  • Most things involved in the chair are adjustable, including the power, heat, and airbag pressure
  • There are a total of 35 strategically placed airbags that will help to keep your body properly aligned during your massage, including a bag at your waistline that aligns your lower back and pelvic area
  • NFL-themed designs (these cost quite a heft premium however)
  • Only needs about 10 inches from the wall to access its full capabilities


  • Even though it’s affordable for what you’re getting, this is still the most expensive chair on my list.
  • A one-size-fits-all type-chair, which means it doesn’t fit anyone’s height perfectly.

Massage Chair Recliner by SmartMassageChairs

If you’re anything like me, you like to have some music pumping in the background of nearly everything you do. This is the only chair that features Bluetooth music capabilities while providing a relaxing massage to your entire body. That is a considerable advantage compared to other chairs I’ve reviewed. But it’s no slouch in all the more critical departments for a massage chair either.

This recliner features a zero-gravity setting and full-body airbag massage with eight fixed rollers, foot rollers, and a built-in waist heater. It also has a pleasant, compact, and space-saving design that makes it a perfect fit for any room, whether it be a man cave, living room, balcony, bedroom, or office. And for a relatively meager price tag, you’re getting all of these benefits at a significantly discounted rate.

Here’s a little more on the pros and cons below:


  • Buying at an affordable, discounted rate
  • Boasts a zero-gravity feature
  • Six preset auto massage modes, eight fixed rollers and three levels of airbag and back rollers to cater to all different preferences
  • Versatile and compact design allows for it to be featured in a wide array of settings
  • Bluetooth audio capability so your ears can get what they want while you’re body gets what it needs
  • Adjustable massage settings and six presets


  • Rollers can come on a little stiff, may need to lay a towel down on some spots

Massage Recliner Sofa Reading Chair by BestMassage

If you’re someone who’s got a price on their mind first and foremost, this might be the option that catches your eye: it’s selling for an almost-unbelievably low price. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that price-wise it’s far less expensive than a lot of recliner chairs that don’t even have massage capabilities. So, what level of quality of massage can you expect? The answer is not very high.

While it does have two-point vibrating massaging in the lumbar area, that’s pretty much it for this one when it comes to the massage factor. What it does have going for it is its comfort as any other chair, features water-resistant surface, and is the easiest to assemble. While you can pay extra to get any of these pre-assembled, this massage chair’s construction is the least overwhelming. It’s a simple two-minute job that doesn’t even require tools.


  • It’s made with a good-looking and versatile design that allows it to fit in with any room you choose to put it in
  • Very easy, tool-less, two-minute home assembly
  • Features comfortable, water-resistant composition


  • Minimal massaging capacity
  • The chair doesn’t always lock in place, making it tough to keep a static and comfortable position
  • The small, compact design not ideal for larger-framed individuals

TinyCooper Massage Chairs by Ootori

This massage chair by Ootori is another excellent entry in my list of the top affordable massage chairs out on the market today. All in all – this model checks off just about all of the boxes you’d be looking for, including the price box. At this point, you’ve probably realized that to be considered top-echelon in the massage chair department, you’ve got to have some zero-gravity functions, and this Ootori model absolutely doesn’t fall short in this department.

It has lovely lower-back and calf settings, the cursory full-body airbag and foot-roller massages, as well as adjustable massage style, speed, and strength. Adjustability is an important aspect to consider because everyone has different problems, different aches and pains, and different preferences, and the fact that this Ootori massage chair features some targeted deep massage options is pretty stellar by all accounts.


  • Not one, not two, but three different stages of zero-gravity, the third of which will make you feel the true therapeutic effects of zero-gravity massaging
  • Features specific lower-back and calf functions
  • Eight massage rollers in the backrest and 32 airbags so that no part of your body is exempt from the pleasures of the massages
  • Completely adjustable massage settings that you can customize to your personal preferences


  • Lacks MP3 or any sort of music capabilities
  • Dimensions are not ideal for people who aren’t what the industry would consider ‘average build’ or ‘average height.’

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it, the top five best affordable massage chairs out there on the digital and physical marketplace. We went over every single aspect you should consider when searching for the best affordable massage chair for your money.  We’ve gone an examined factors such as price, the comfort level, design and look, all alongside the massage capabilities of each given option.

Now, I’m sure that by this point you’re all curious as to what my top pick actually is.

So, after careful and considerate deliberation (as well as quite a bit of trial and error purchasing), I landed on the Massage Chair Recliner by SmartMassageChairs as my personal unquestioned top choice.

All of these different chairs had certain features that made them attractive choices, but our top pick is the only one that boasted all of these features.

First, it’s being sold at a very affordable, discounted price at around $600, which put it smack dab in the middle of our list in terms of price. It’s not $100 like SmartMassages’ chair, but it’s also got the same massaging capabilities as our more expensive entries.

Second, it’s just as comfortable if not more so than any of the other options, at least in my experience. The PU leather composition is water-resistant and it comes supplemented by some feathery cushioning under the head and armrests. It also has a compact, space-saving design that makes it a perfect fit for any room that you can dream up – whether you’ve got a little extra space in your condo, or an entire room to yourself at home.

Third, no one can say this an ugly or unnatractive massage chair by any account. It’s has a distinguished, leathery brown shine to it that fits well with just about any other furniture that you might have.

Fourth, it’s got everything you could ask for in the massaging department. Zero-gravity function? Yup. Full airbag and roller massage capabilities? You betcha! Adjustability? Oh yeah.

With this chair, you can adjust the massage intensity to suit your needs or choose one of the six presets it comes with if you’re not quite sure what you want yet. And did I mention it was the only massage chair anywhere near this price that featured Bluetooth music capabilities? Yes, sir.

Now that you’ve checked all the boxes, you can enjoy the comfiest complex massage, at whatever intensity you want, in the most affordable and versatile massage chair on the market, all while getting serenaded by your favorite and most serene tunes.

However, if you have the budget, I still highly recommend Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu UL Approved Massage Chair Recliner by BestMassage. This chair has an immense range of great features and a huge wealth of presets, which makes it the ultimate body massage chair for anyone looking for deep relaxation and comfort all under one roof per se. There is also a full-body stretching option and even foot rollers, to help you unwind after a hard day at work.

So, there you have it folks, my top 5 picks for the best affordable massage chairs on the market, alongside an all you need to know guide to finding, choosing and buying your own. You should now have a general idea of what to look for when buying a massage chair. We’ve gone over the hallmark features that make or break great massage chairs as well as what benefits you’ll be able to enjoy once you pick one up for yourself.

And if you’re stuck or having a tough time making a decision as to which one’s the right fit for you – have a look at the extensive list of questions that I’ve penned out at the beginning of the article and do a tad of due diligence to pick out the best one that suits your needs.

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