Hey you! I’m John Stephens, the founder of Papa’s Cave a site dedicated to healthy home activities and manliness. When my wife gave birth to our beautiful little daughter the whole house turned into a pink castle for a princess within a month! To keep my masculinity intact i had to balance things out so i created my man-cave. At first it was nothing more than half a bottle of whiskey and a barbell but with time it grew into a sanctuary of fun and testosterone. This little project have helped me get in the best shape of my life and created some epic memories for my friends and family.

At first i had a clear “No women allowed” policy but that lasted for 3 days and my daughter is now the ping pong champion of the household and i have since then realized that a space dedicated to masculinity was not only for me but have benefited all of us. My mission with this site is to help you get away from the computer screen and nurture your alpha male energy. A solid man-cave is for everybody and it will make you a better man, a better housebound and a better father. All product reviews you will find on Papa’s Cave serves a purpose, and we only review things that i firmly believe will benefit your body, mind and spirit.

I Hope you enjoy your stay!